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Workforce Development courses from Ed2Go and eDynamics provide quality instruction with the flexibility to fit your schedule and budget. These options offer a wide variety of affordable noncredit online courses designed to improve existing skills, learn new ones, and introduce you to enhanced career options.

Available 24/7, you begin these courses on your own time, with most completing within 6-12 months after starting.

Credit or Noncredit?

Courses that earn credit can be used to earn a degree or certificate, while noncredit courses are found in programs that offer opportunities for job training, professional development, and personal enrichment. You might take a credit course if you plan to eventually (at CWI or another institution) earn a credit certificate or degree. You might take a noncredit course to gain job skills or just for fun. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will these courses count towards my degree?

    Noncredit courses do not count towards credited degrees/certificates. Students looking for online classes to put towards a degree should visit CWI's credit online learning section.

  • Do I need to be enrolled at CWI to take these noncredit courses?

    Students interested in taking online noncredit courses from either Ed2Go or eDynamic Learning will need to register through Workforce Development prior to enrolling in a course.


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