College of Western Idaho Workforce Development offers an assortment of computer drafting and modeling classes to get the skills you need to get the job you want!

AutoCAD I (Basic) or II (Intermediate /Adv.) (Autodesk)

- 30 Hours Total Class Time     

AutoCAD I (Basic) – Learn to use AutoCAD to create and edit simple drawings; utilize 2D drawing and editing tools; create objects, lines, circles, and figures; and edit, modify, stretch, size, and create drawings to scale.

AutoCAD II (Intermediate / Advanced) – Create document sets utilizing x-refs and paper space for printing on any printer system utilizing the industry standard PDF format.

REVIT I (Basic) or II (Intermediate /Adv.) (Autodesk)

- 30 Hours Total Class Time     

REVIT I (Basic) – Introduction to full 3-D architectural project models and how to utilize them to create construction plan sets.

REVIT II (Intermediate / Advanced) – Develop skills to create models. Use those skills to create models utilizing walls, floors, roofs and components rather than lines and arcs. Learn how to use BIM to create structures.

SolidWorks I (Basic) or II (Intermediate / Adv.) 

-  30 Hours Total Class Time

SolidWorks I (Basic) - Introduction to SolidWorks for part modeling, sketching techniques, patterning, editing parts, assemblies, configurations and more! Begin to draw out ideas, experiment with features and dimensions, and produce 3-D models and detailed drawings from existing 2-D data. Focus skills for manufacturing / industry. 

SolidWorks II (Intermediate / Advanced) - Gain a mastery of SolidWorks through building a solid conceptual foundation. Topics covered will be sketching, sketched features, applied features, reference geometry, patterned geometry, design strategies, configuration and design tables, and assemblies. You will learn to use the Smart and Distance Mates tools, exploded views, and bill of material drawings with assemblies. You will begin to master 3-D models and detailed drawings from existing 2-D data. Focus skills for manufacturing / industry. 

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Workforce Development at College of Western Idaho (CWI) provides you high-quality, short-term training to boost your job skills, acquire new career skills, and earn the certificates you need. Take as many classes as you want in our short-term, credit free classes with no applications, no transcripts, and no hassle. Just sign up and watch your career take off.

Classes are offered at a variety of locations throughout western Idaho that are taught by knowledgeable professionals with years of experience in the topics they teach.

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