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Elevate Your Career: Master Forklift Safety and Operations

Student learning to drive a forklift

Program Overview

At College of Western Idaho (CWI), we understand the importance of equipping you with essential workforce skills leading to employment. Our Forklift Training program is tailored to those eager to enhance their skillset and increase their job prospects in the dynamic field of logistics and material handling.

In just one day, you can become a certified forklift operator, learning through a blend of classroom instruction and hands-on practice, how to operate a sit down forklift safely and professionally. Aligning with OSHA standards and requirements, this course will ensure you understand the essentials of forklift operation, design limitations, material handling, safety, and accident prevention. Upon completion, you will hold a certification that will amplify your employability for three years.

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Primary Location

Student learning how to drive a forklift

Learning Opportunities

  • Hands-On Driving Experience: Gain practical experience with sit-down forklifts, enhancing your operational skills and confidence.
  • Safety & Efficiency: Learn to operate forklifts safely and efficiently, minimizing hazards and increasing workplace productivity.
  • Inspection & Maintenance: Understand how to conduct thorough pre-operation checks and maintain your equipment for optimal performance.
  • Certification & Employability: Achieve a three-year certification that boosts your employability across the U.S., with an increasing demand for certified operators.

Area of Study

Minimum age requirement to start this program is 18.

Degrees & Certificates

Certificate of Completion

Forklift operator

Career Opportunities

  • Industrial Truck and Tractor Operators

    Operate industrial trucks or tractors equipped to move materials around a warehouse, storage yard, factory, construction site, or similar location.


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*Data sourced from Lightcastâ„¢ (2023), a global leader in labor market analytics, and limited to the state of Idaho. Contact CWI Institutional Research for questions regarding this data.


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