Ready for a career that has a real, meaningful impact on people’s lives? The Hemodialysis Technician course is designed for you to become a certified hemodialysis technician (CHT) to provide life-saving medical intervention to patients with chronic kidney disease or renal failure.

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Prepare and operate hemodialysis machines
  • Monitor and record vital signs
  • Draw blood
  • Document results

Your studies will conclude with being prepared to take the CHT exam for certification from BONENT.

You will receive 250 hours worth of hands-on experience working in a clinical setting—empowering you with the knowledge that leads to certification and increases your employability.

Clinical opportunities vary across the vast network of available healthcare organizations and we work with you to find a good fit. Clinical placement or employment is not guaranteed in your desired area.

This course offers you:

  • 106 online training hours + 250 clinical hours
  • Self-paced study
  • The opportunity to complete in as little as 12 months

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What You Will Learn to Do

  • Know the function and structure of kidneys
  • Understand health problems relating to kidney failure
  • Understand the steps needed to protect patients during treatment
  • Learn how to set up equipment
  • Understand processes for documentation and monitoring

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