Workforce Development Orientation

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Program Orientation

Welcome students! By completing this online orientation, you will:

  • Be fully prepared for success in your program
  • Learn how to use BlackBoard, your online learning system
  • Be familiar with the resources available to you as a CWI student

You are welcome to complete this orientation before or after registering for class. You will be prepared to start learning in your first class by reviewing this material prior to your first class session. 

Please choose your program session from the choices below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this information only available online? Can I come to an in-person session?

    This online orientation is your primary source for initial program information. Your teacher and program coordinator are available by appointment to go over additional needed information with you.

  • I'm a returning student. Do I need to complete an online session before the program starts?

    No, the program information sessions are only required for first year students. However, returning students are welcome to review any of the information provided as a refresher.

  • Does this orientation apply to those taking the in-person “Hybrid” program or to the “Distance-Only” online program?

    This orientation is for ANY first year apprentice to complete regardless of which program you are enrolled in.

  • Will I be able to go back and review this information once I complete it?

    Yes, the link will be available for you to go back in and access information that will prove useful to you throughout your program. You can do that any time.


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