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Career-ready and elective courses for high school students.

Online programs from eDynamics enable students to explore career pathways early, earn industry certifications in high school and go straight into the workforce or be more prepared for college.

Developed in-house by teachers and subject matter experts, students are put on a clearly defined, national-standard aligned path to explore career options and acquire the technical knowledge and skills to work towards industry-recognized certifications and high-demand careers.

Why eDynamic Learning Courses?

Anytime. Anywhere. Learn at home, on the road, or anywhere there’s an Internet connection! Each course includes engaging narratives, interactive features, reflective discussions, podcast unit summaries, assessments, and captivating course lab activities. Courses are taught by subject matter, state-certified instructors (many with master’s degrees). Emails are answered by teachers within 24 hours.

Follow this link for more information on the eDynamic Instructional Framework


Register today!

Reach out to Workforce Development to sign up for our eDynamic courses by calling 208.562.2700 or emailing wd@cwi.edu.

Available Courses

College of Western Idaho's Workforce Development department has partnered with eDynamic Learning to make the following courses available to high school students interested in online CTE courses:

To sign up for any of the above courses, please contact Workforce Development.

Ways to Pay

Advanced Opportunities Funding

The Advanced Opportunities program can provide funding for students who want to take advanced course work while attending an Idaho public school in grades 7-12. Advanced Opportunities allow high students to individualize their high school learning plan to get a jump start on their future.

Discuss Advanced Opportunities with your high school counselor or teacher.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why take eDynamic courses through CWI?

    Workforce Development has partnered with Idaho State Department of Education to provide Advanced Opportunity Funds to qualifying students for specific eDynamic courses.

    Students who register through CWI will also become full college students benefiting from a full suite of Student Services, including tutoring, advising, and counseling services. 



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