Dual Credit Tuition and Fees

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Course Fees

CWI Dual Credit students are charged $75 per credit for any dual credit course, regardless of whether the course is completed in the fall, spring, or summer semester.

Course fees do not change depending on whether the course is taken at the high school, on campus, or online.* Some courses may have additional fees; i.e. lab fees, supplies, and material fees. 

High Schools may provide students with textbooks, but students who complete courses online or on the CWI campus are responsible for purchasing textbooks. 

*Online courses assess an additional $10 per credit fee.


Paying for Dual Credit Courses

There are multiple opportunities available for students to pay for their CWI Dual Credit courses, including:

  • Advanced Opportunities: Students who attend public schools are eligible to use Advanced Opportunities funds. Advanced Opportunities will cover the tuition for Dual Credit courses, college-bearing exams, or professional-technical exams. Advanced Opportunities does NOT cover the cost of textbooks, additional course fees, or materials.
    Learn about Advanced Opportunities

504/IEP Plans

All students who are on a 504 or IEP plan will need to reach out to Disability Student Services and schedule an appointment with a Disability Coordinator. You will need to provide proof of your disability when you meet with the advisor.

Accessibility/Student Services
Email: acccessibility@cwi.edu

CTE Program Fees

Dual Credit students receive tuition at a reduced rate of $75/credit. This rate only covers the tuition portion of the costs of CTE coursework. Students taking CTE Dual Credit classes on the CWI campus are responsible for the cost of books, tools, uniforms, supplies, and any other course fees associated with the specific CTE program in which they are enrolled.

The Idaho State Department of Education’s Advanced Opportunities funding can only be used to cover the cost of tuition and is not permitted for additional course fees.

Please contact a Dual Credit CTE Transition Coordinator for further information about CTE courses and costs.   


Financial Deadlines

Dual Credit students can take courses at their public high school, at the College of Western Idaho (CWI) campus, or online. Dates and deadlines are different depending on where classes are completed. Some students may complete classes at both their high school and the CWI campus/online. In this case they will need to pay attention to both calendars. Contact us with your questions!

On-Campus or Online Deadlines

Deadline SUMMER 2023 FALL 2023
On Campus/Online Drop and Refund Deadline Jun 9 Sep 1
On Campus/Online Tuition Due Jul 29 Dec 16


High School Deadlines (and IDLA)

Deadline SUMMER 2023 FALL 2023
High School Course Drop and Refund Deadline Mar 31 Oct 28
High School Course Payment Deadline Apr 21 Dec 17
  • Student Residency

    Proof of Residency

    If the student is utilizing Advanced Opportunities funding for all of their courses, they do NOT have to complete a Certificate of Residency form because the state will verify their residency through the Advanced Opportunities Portal. 

    If the student is NOT using Advanced Opportunities funding to cover all courses and does NOT live in one of the following six counties, they must complete a Certificate of Residency form and submit it to their county clerk: Ada, Bonneville, Canyon, Jerome, Twin Falls, Kootenai. The county clerk will than attempt to certify your legal residency. If they cannot, the student will be responsible for paying the county portion of their tuition. For more information and a list of county clerk addresses please complete the Certificate of Residency/Affidavit

  • Payment Options

    Dual Credit tuition is $75 per credit. There is no application/registration fee. Students who receive an "F" in the course, stop attending or receive a "W" are still responsible for their fees and tuition.

    Please see the payment options below. The Dual Credit office is not equipped to process payments within our office. Please take all physical forms of payment to a CWI One Stop Student Service location for processing. 

    Dual Credit students do not qualify for Federal Financial Aid. Federal aid is designated for students who have earned a high school diploma or its equivalent. 


    • Check or Money Order - Please make payable to College of Western Idaho, and write the student's name and date of birth or student ID number on the memo line
    • Cash 
    • Credit/Debit Card - You can use a credit/debit card at the One Stop, by calling One Stop (208.562.3000), or by logging into your MyCWI account
      • Login into my.cwi.edu
      • Locate My Toolkit for students on the right side of MyCWI
      • Click "Student Account Information"
      • Click "View Account/Make Payment"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make a payment online?

    You can pay online for Dual Credit courses through your MyCWI student account or you can make a payment at any of the CWI One Stop locations; click here for a list of Locations.

    The Dual Credit office does not accept payments. 

  • I am on a 504 or IEP at my high school. Can I receive accommodations at CWI?

    Yes! To receive accommodations through Student Disability Services you must schedule an appointment with a Disability Coordinator. You will need to provide proof of your disability when you meet with the advisor.

    Accessibility/Student Services
    Email: acccessibility@cwi.edu

    Haley Edgington (Nampa)
    Email: haleyedgington@cwi.edu

    Cheryl Rose (Boise)
    Email: cherylrose@cwi.edu

  • Do I need to purchase books for Dual Credit courses?

    Dual credit students are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks. The College of Western Idaho Bookstore will have all the required textbooks for any class offered on the CWI campus. Students may choose to buy textbooks from an Internet source but should verify with the CWI Bookstore that “IncludED” is not required, which can only be obtained at the reduced price when purchasing the textbook through the CWI Bookstore.  Students who opt to purchase textbooks from an internet source should take care to purchase the edition or version specific by the instructor.

  • Do Dual Credit students qualify for federal financial aid?

    Dual Credit students do not qualify for financial aid because the federal government requires students to have received a high school diploma or its equivalent to be eligible for federal grants or loans. However, public high school students grades 7-12 are eligible to receive state funding through the Advanced Opportunities program. For more information visit Advanced Opportunities or talk to your school counselor.


Need More Info?

Executive Director, Dual Credit
Dual Credit Assistant Director
Sr. Coordinator, Dual Credit
  • Specialty: Dual Credit Non-Certificate/Associate’s degree seeking students
Coordinator, Dual Credit
Advisor, Dual Credit
  • Advising Specialty: Dual Credit (for High School Students Last Names A-G)
Advisor, Dual Credit
  • Advising Specialty: (for High School Students Last Names H-O)
Advisor, Dual Credit
  • Advising Specialty: Dual Credit (for High School Students Last Names P-Z)
Sr. Transition Coordinator
  • Specialty: Dual Credit CTE Programs
Coordinator, Transition
  • Specialty: Dual Credit CTE Programs
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