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Female education student working with young children at table.
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The Teacher Education Program at CWI has been instrumental in preparing me to enter the educational field. Jacki Ellard

The Teacher Education Program at College of Western Idaho is excited to help future elementary teachers prepare for teacher certification in the state of Idaho by providing the first two years of a Bachelor’s degree. We work closely with our local four-year partners and offer an Associate degree that can be customized to match the requirements of the Teacher Education Program that best meets your educational needs. Course work in the Teacher Education Program includes foundations in education, social systems and diversity, exceptionality in the schools, and educational technology. Throughout the program, students have the opportunity to observe teachers in local K-8 schools to see firsthand the skills, knowledge, and attitudes taught in the coursework. The program concludes with a capstone class that aids students in building an evidence-based e-portfolio that highlights their work and helps prepare them for admission into a four-year college or university.


The Teacher Education Program provides students foundational skills, knowledge, and dispositional development to prepare them for entry into a Teacher Education Program at a four-year college or university. This is accomplished through active learning in the classroom and online as well as through observations and teaching opportunities in the local k-12 schools.

Why This Program

People interested in becoming teachers in grades K through 8 would want to consider an Elementary Education degree. Designed to provide the first two years of a four year degree, CWI’s Elementary Education program partners with local four year colleges and universities to promote ease of transfer and continual degree progression.

What You Will Learn to Do

  • Uncover your true motivation for becoming a teacher and assess whether or not to become an educator
  • Learn teacher language and concepts
  • Identify the major roles of a teacher (i.e. leader, mentor, manager, planner, and motivator)
  • Discuss the importance of peer groups, mass media, community services, ecology of families, parenting, schooling, teaching, and socialization methods and outcomes
  • Understand the difference between normal development and abnormal development
  • Identify characteristics, prevalence, origination, and contributing factors related to 13 disabilities and Gifted and Talented students
  • Plan and design effective learning environments, experiences, curriculum plans and understand methods and strategies for applying technology to maximize student learning
  • Demonstrate a proficient Teacher Education e-Portfolio

Additional Opportunities

  • Complete a minimum of 55 hours of observation/participation with a certified teacher.
  • Partner with Micron Technology to get real classroom experience.
  • Get involved with the school and larger educational community with guest speakers and additional opportunities with the Future Educators Club.
  • Complete volunteer opportunities to build professional connections.

Respectful Community

The College of Western Idaho is committed to maintaining a Respectful Community by providing equal opportunity for all individuals and does not discriminate in services, benefits, or activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, veteran status, age, or any other legally protected status.  More on Title IX

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