Faculty of Distinction—September 2018

Published: October 5, 2018

September 2018. Straub joined CWI in January of 2009 as an adjunct instructor and is currently an Assistant Professor in the Education Department. During his time at CWI, Straub has taught many courses including computer courses (CISA), student success courses (CWID, College Study Methods), as well as multiple Education courses. Helping people succeed in school has always been one of his main goals.

Straub created his own student success program when he taught middle and high school and continues to help students at CWI. Additionally, he created his own website where students can post and read school success and study tips from other CWI students. 

Straub has spearheaded an ongoing school supply drive collecting school supplies for families who are in desperate need of the basic supplies to help their school-aged children. The supplies are distributed to City Light Home for Women and Children in Boise. City Light is affiliated with the Boise Rescue Mission. He also runs a COIL program (Collaborative Online International Learning) where students from his Education courses are paired up with students abroad to work on and solve issues affecting us all. This semester, Straub’s students are working with students from a university in Berlin, Germany.

Straub earned his Bachelor of Science in Geology through the Richard Stockton College in New Jersey, and a master’s in Education at Gratz College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He worked as a hydro-geologist for five years before accepting a position as a science and reading teacher. 

Straub grew up in a rural town in New Jersey (yes, there are rural towns in New Jersey), but thinks Idaho is the best place in the country to live and play. He enjoys spending his time outdoors mountain biking, snow-boarding, playing tennis, and hiking. Him and his wife, Andrea, have been married for nearly three years, and the couple has one cat. A fun fact about Straub is he takes his cat on a walk every evening in his neighborhood.

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