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Hands-On Training and Certifications for Today's Advanced Equipment

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Program Overview

Ready to gear up for a high-demand career in equipment technology? College of Western Idaho (CWI) offers an immersive Heavy Equipment Technician program, perfect for those eager to excel in the construction and agricultural equipment repair industry. This program, accredited by the Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) Foundation, equips you with the skills to diagnose and repair heavy equipment, covering everything from basic theory to advanced troubleshooting.

You will embark on a journey, engaging in hands-on training and internships, which not only solidify your classroom learning but enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. With access to more than a dozen pieces of construction, material handling, and agricultural equipment, you will practice real repair procedures and  troubleshooting and become comfortable with manufacturer-specific tools. The program additionally includes opportunities to earn numerous industry-recognized certifications, boosting your credibility and job marketability upon graduation.

Degree or Certificate Type

Associate of Applied Science

Advanced Technical Certificate

Intermediate Technical Certificate


$13,010 – 15,205

Additional cost may apply.

Time to Complete

1.5 – 2 years

Primary Location

Program Exploration

Program Exploration – June 3

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Students working on an engine

Learning Opportunities

  • Real Equipment, Real Skills: Train on actual equipment, applying your knowledge to practical scenarios.
  • Extensive Hands-on Training: Dive into hands-on learning, from basic repairs to advanced diagnostics.
  • Internships & Career Connections: Gain invaluable experience and build your professional network through partnerships with local companies.
  • Industry-Recognized Certifications: Earn certifications that validate your technical expertise and enhance your career prospects.
  • Comprehensive Program Structure: Benefit from a well-rounded program covering all aspects of heavy equipment technology.

Local Industry Partnerships

Your education at CWI is supported by local industry providing direction on curriculum, access to shop tours, original equpment manufacturer (OEM) product-specific training, and equipment donations. Partnerships include Modern Machinery, Agri-Service, Vermeer, Mountain West, Coastline Equipment, and Sunroc Corporation.

Area of Study

Degrees & Certificates

Heavy Equipment Technician – Associate of Applied Science Degree




Degree Requirements

Cost: $15,205

Heavy Equipment Technician – Advanced Technical Certificate




Heavy Equipment Technician – Intermediate Technical Certificate




Heavy Equipment Technician working on tracker

Career Opportunities

  • Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanics, Except Engines

    Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul mobile mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic equipment, such as cranes, bulldozers, graders, and conveyors, used in construction, logging, and mining.


    Annual Openings*


    Hourly Median Wage*


    Annual Median Salary


    Growth (2021 – 2031)*

  • Control and Valve Installers and Repairers, Except Mechanical Door

    Install, repair, and maintain mechanical regulating and controlling devices, such as electric meters, gas regulators, thermostats, safety and flow valves, and other mechanical governors.


    Annual Openings*


    Hourly Median Wage*


    Annual Median Salary


    Growth (2021 – 2031)*

  • Rail Car Repairers

    Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul railroad rolling stock, mine cars, or mass transit rail cars.


    Annual Openings*


    Hourly Median Wage*


    Annual Median Salary


    Growth (2021 – 2031)*

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*Data sourced from Lightcast™ (2023), a global leader in labor market analytics, and limited to the state of Idaho. Contact CWI Institutional Research for questions regarding this data.


Step 1

  • Apply to CWI.
  • Choose Heavy Equipment Technician as your major.

Step 2

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


Academic Calendar New Student Checklist

    Program Accreditation

    The Heavy Equipment Technician program at College of Western Idaho is accredited by:

    The AED Foundation
    650 E Algonquin Rd, Suite 305
    Schaumburg, IL 60173


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    College of Western Idaho is proud to compete in SkillsUSA, a nationwide organization seeking to improve the quality of our nation's future skilled workforce through personal, workplace, and technical skills training.


    Heavy Equipment Technician Program students are furthering their industry knowledge and skills thanks to a new tractor donated by Agri-Service.

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    Training opportunities for Heavy Equipment Technician students at College of Western Idaho have been elevated thanks to a newly purchased dozer, in part, due to an industry partner.

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    Through College of Western Idaho, Advanced Mechatronics Engineering Technology student, Michael Hertel, has discovered new studies and industries — some of which he hopes will lead to a life-...

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    Hands-on training opportunities for Heavy Equipment Technician students at College of Western Idaho have been elevated thanks to a donation of two Ford F750 trucks.

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    Modern Machinery donates $10,000 to empower students in CWI's Heavy Equipment Technician program.

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    Three of CWI’s Heavy Equipment Technician students were recently awarded $500 after completing internships with Modern Machinery.

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    CWI swept away the competition with 37 medals at this year's SkillsUSA State Conference.

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    A group of CWI students and recent graduates also won medals in a school record five events.

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