Skills USA is a nationwide organization; it is also a club at College of Western Idaho. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity for people from all backgrounds to enhance their technical and leadership skills. In Skills USA, college students can compete in areas of their choosing, which range from prepared speech to diesel mechanics. This competition brings people together to experience the joy of community working for a common interest. Thousands of students across the nation showcase their technical and leadership skills in front of their peers, instructors, advisers, and potential employers. Skills USA offers a place for people to find themselves and expand their horizons of success.

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Phillip Coltrin, SkillsUSA gold medal recipient

Congratulations to CWI's SkillsUSA competitors who earned 13 medals at the SkillsUSA Idaho State Leadership and Skills Conference. 

After spending 15 years raising children, Crystal decided to focus on her education.

"Because of CWI, I am able to work in a field that I love!”

Three SkillsUSA students with their awards

CWI swept away the competition with 37 medals at this year's SkillsUSA State Conference.

SkillsUSA students with their awards

A group of CWI students and recent graduates also won medals in a school record five events.

CWI Alumni and Scholarship Recipient Steve Silva, 2016

For CWI alum Steve Silva, a chance encounter turned into a golden opportunity when he decided to get involved with SkillsUSA.

SkillsUSA student working on project

CWI students earned 27 medals at the event, including 20 gold medals.