Nagel Foundation Scholarship Fund Tops $1M in Donations After 6 Years Supporting CWI Students

Published: April 22, 2024

The Nagel Foundation has entered its sixth year as a critical community partner of College of Western Idaho (CWI), donating an additional $224,000 for student scholarships. Altogether, the Foundation’s investment in CWI students now totals $1,008,000 and has benefited 267 recipients.

Faculty, administrators, and students met with Nagel Foundation representatives at the Nampa Campus Micron Education Center (NMEC) on April 8 to accept a ceremonial check and express their gratitude.

“All parts of this institution appreciate help from our community partners, specifically the Nagel Foundation, and it’s our goal to give back to that same community,” said CWI President Gordon Jones. “The investment in our students helps diffract the true cost of education and acts as a catalyst for generational change, allowing CWI alumni to increase their lifetime wage earnings and providing financial security and better opportunities for their families.”

The Nagel Foundation scholarship fund was established at the College in 2019 to keep the legacy of the Nagel Beverage Company alive by enriching and giving back to the community through education and service. The scholarships are awarded from the fund to second-year career and technical education students.

“The Nagel Foundation supports CWI and the students through scholarships,” said Nagel Vice President, Ryan Fornstrom. “We feel this is a good way to ease the financial burden on students wanting to better their lives and also help the community in providing a proficient workforce.”

Invited to share some personal history with Nagel Foundation representatives, Drafting Technology student Jaimi “Lemon” Henry said, “I am the first in my family to go to college and am really grateful, not just for myself, but for other students. It brings a lot of comfort knowing that there are groups investing in us and helping to lift people up. One day, hopefully, we can follow your example and give back, too.”

Nagel Foundation scholarships are open to CWI students in the Advanced Mechatronics Engineering TechnologyWelding and Metals FabricationMachine Tool TechnologyDrafting TechnologyAutomotive Technology, Heavy Duty Truck, Heavy Duty Equipment, and Network and System Administration programs.

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