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Our goal is to provide a strong foundation in English for students who wish to transfer into literature, creative writing, rhetoric and composition, business writing, and English education programs. Andrea Ascuena, English Faculty

The CWI English program promotes critical habits of mind through the study of composition and diverse works, genres, and points of view in literature in order to provide students the opportunity to find their voice on the page as writers and to use language as a way to convey their understanding of the human experience.

Why This Program

Discover new voices & diverse perspectives.
Read, write, and talk about the big questions literature poses.
See how literature shapes and is shaped by human experience
Join a community of writers.
Learn about the publication process.
Work one-on-one with a faculty mentor.

What You Will Learn to Do

  • Understand literature as an expression of the variety and complexity of human life and use literature to reflect on one’s own place in the human experience
  • Recognize and understand the formal elements of fiction, poetry, and drama to interpret how they are used to convey meaning
  • Apply critical perspectives to literary works
  • Understand traditions of research approaches in literary studies
  • Synthesize ideas from a range of writers representing different times, styles, and cultures
  • Understand literary works as aesthetic objects that can be appreciated for their creative and imaginative expression
  • Develop habits of mind, showcasing a critical stance towards text, culture, and communication; rhetorical understanding of context, purpose, and audience; cultural and global awareness; and interdisciplinary exploration of history, social science

Additional Opportunities

Students in the creative writing emphasis will produce the literary magazine Stonecrop or complete a literary internship in the community.

Respectful Community

College of Western Idaho is committed to maintaining a Respectful Community by providing equal opportunity for all individuals and does not discriminate in services, benefits, or activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, veteran status, age, or any other legally protected status.  More on Title IX

News and Blogs

Storyfort and CWI logo, photo of author speaking into a microphone

This year’s Novel Life event will feature bestselling authors, Jason Mott, Jennifer Haigh, and Jonathan Evison.

President's Writing Awards 2022 An annual writing contest for CWI students

Get paid to do your homework! CWI students are invited to submit their writing to this annual contest for a chance at publication on the College’s website and cash prizes. Submissions are due March 4. 

Liza Long showing off her students' online book, Beginnings and Endings, on her laptop

A course that teaches application of literary theory to texts may sound abstract and even impractical at first, but for students in Liza Long’s class, their final project offered a real-world publishing opportunity.

Assistant Professor of Art, Goran Fazil, and English Adjunct, Dževad Vrabac

A short film created by Assistant Professor of Art, Goran Fazil, and English Adjunct, Dževad Vrabac, was accepted into the 2021 Monologues & Poetry International Film Fest.

Kevin Platts, Director of Public Safety Programs, poses for a photo with the trophy he won.

Resources, training, and contests during CTL's Accessibility Week for faculty highlight how small changes can help students access and engage in courses. 

Author, Jonathan Evison, speaking into a microphone

Join Storyfort and CWI for The Novel Life – a dive deep into processes, practicalities, passions, and how the conception and writing of a novel gets done.