2021 President’s Writing Awards

Published: May 6, 2021

College of Western Idaho's (CWI) English department is proud to present the recipients of its annual President’s Writing Awards. The annual awards were established to recognize and honor excellence in student writing at CWI. Students were recognized for their work by President Bert Glandon during this year’s Connections Project event on Thursday, April 29. This is the eighth year Glandon and his wife, Jane, selected students to receive awards.

“I will tell you that it has been a thrill, an honor, and a privilege to be involved in this activity over the last several years,” expressed Glandon. “This has been the most difficult year determining between first, second, and third place… it was like trying to judge the Olympics!”

The 2021 President’s Writing Award winners are:

Creative Nonfiction

  • First Place – Kelli Laughlin, The Last Desert Legend (ENGL 243)
  • Second Place – Carmen O’Donnell, Smurf (ENGL 243)
  • Third Place – Susan Werlinger, Interruptions of Life with Death (ENGL 243)

Critical Analysis

  • First Place – Jori Brough, The Importance of Upholding Your Morals (ENGL 102)
  • Second Place – Avigale Sperry, Antisemitism in American Colleges (HIST 190)
  • Third Place – Monica Lange, Tactical Triumphs (HIST 190)


  • First Place – Calvin Pineda, The Seven-Day Forecast (ENGL 242)
  • Second Place – Majel Coxe, Fool’s Gold (ENGL 242)
  • Third Place – Mandy Jamison, On Matters of Love and Nuclear Fusion (ENGL 242)

First-Year Writing

  • First Place – Enrique Antonio Rodriquez, Finding Light (ENGL 101)
  • Second Place – Anastasia English, Tishreen Revolution: Fighting for Iraq’s Future (ENGL 102)
  • Third Place – Ali Murphey, The Lucky One (CWI 101)

Literature Based Research

  • First Place – Andrew Rose, Election Interference, An Evolving Strategic Solution (POLS 290)
  • Second Place – Sunny Braithwaite, Emma Bowen, Iisha Silvels, and Meira Viad,  Analysis of Counterfactual Thought Patters of Repeat Criminal Offenders (PSYC 190)
  • Third Place – Lauren VerHagen, Annexation of Hawaii (HIST 190)

Original Research

  • First Place – Rachel Capezza, Sage Steppe Post-Fire Recovery Dynamics on Bromus Tectorum, Native Bunchgrasses, and Artemesia Tridentata at Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge (ENVI 260)
  • Second Place – Joanna Beck, Dihydrofolate Reductase (MMBS 260)
  • Third Place – Gabrielle Peck, Mindfulness and Well-Being (PSYC 250/251)


  • First Place – Calvin Pineda, Song for a Postmodern Lazarus (ENGL 241)
  • Second Place – Rebecca Young, I was Formed By (CWI 101)
  • Third Place – Netanya Hitchcock, A Place to Breathe (ENGL 241)

Technical Writing

  • First Place – Rachel Capezza, Website Evaluation and Recommendation Report (ENGL 202)
  • Second Place – Amelia Anne Bailey, Treasure Valley Catering Services Request for Proposal (ENGL 202)
  • Third Place – Cambria Copes, Copes Party Proposal (ENGL 202)

“I want to congratulate all of the finalists,” said Glandon. “They have done an excellent job. I also want to thank the faculty who have worked with them. Obviously this kind of academic success doesn’t come without some true mentorship and leadership.”

Watch President Glandon Present the 2021 President's Writing Awards

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