To confirm CWI’s adherence to principles of academic freedom and to encourage an educational environment that
supports independent thinking and open dissemination of knowledge.

To provide for the establishment of a process for developing academic standards for students at CWI.

To outline the terms of employment, rights and privileges for adjunct faculty.

To provide guidelines for the development of articulation agreements which address the transfer of credits between CWI and other colleges and universities and high schools.

To provide for the establishment of standards for Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees, Academic Certificates, and the CWI General Education Program which supports these awards.

To provide the process for the establishment of standards for Career and Technical Education certificates and degrees.

To provide guidelines regarding credit hours in compliance with the Northwest Commission on College and Universities’ Policy on Credit Hours, Idaho State Board of Education Policy, and U.S. Department of Education Policy.

To provide guidelines for submitting student grades.

To provide for the establishment of procedures for determining graduation requirements for degrees and certificates.

To establish guidelines for the joint appointment of a full time faculty member to multiple instructional departments or where there would be more than one supervisor.

To provide guidelines for the maintenance of CWI’s library spaces, services, collections, and information literacy instruction.

To provide guidelines for the administration of Special Course Fees and procedures for allowing students to opt out of eligible Special Course Fees.

To provide guidelines for the engagement and use of substitute instructors.

To address registration in courses requiring requisites.

To establish policies and reference procedures to protect the rights, well‐being, and personal privacy of individuals serving as Human Subjects, to assure a favorable climate for the conduct of scientific inquiry, observations, collection of historical data, surveys, and questionnaires, and to...

To address exceptional teaching assignments (overloads) for exempt full-time employees.

To establish authority and responsibilities of the College in awarding credit for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).