Number: INST 080
Effective: December 1, 2016
Last Reviewed: August 1, 2021
Department: Instruction
Last Revision: August 1, 2021


To provide guidelines for submitting student grades.


Applies to all faculty teaching graded courses.


All CWI faculty who teach graded courses must submit final grades as outlined below.


  • Final grades must be submitted via myCWI by the date and time designated for each semester or session by the Academic Calendar. Failure to post grades in a timely and appropriate manner may be grounds for corrective action.
  • Faculty members shall keep grade records on file a minimum of forty-five (45) calendar days after final grades have been posted.
  • For initiated grade appeals and incomplete grade contracts, student records must be kept until the final or updated grade is posted.
  • Upon separating from CWI, grade records should be transferred to the department chairperson or his/her designee.

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