Number: INST 060
Effective: December 1, 2016
Last Reviewed: October 22, 2021
Department: Instruction
Last Revision: October 22, 2021


To provide the process for the establishment of standards for Career and Technical Education certificates and degrees.


Applies to all Career and Technical Education certificates and degrees offered by CWI.


CWI provides programs in Career and Technical fields of study where regional workforce demand exists. In doing so, CWI seeks to ensure that its curriculum serves the present needs and anticipates the future expectations of its service area. CWI currently awards four different Career and Technical certificates, including a Basic Technical Certificate (BTC), Intermediate Technical Certificate (ITC), Advanced Technical Certificate (ATC), and Specialized Certificate (SC). CWI also awards an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree and an Advanced Associate of Applied Science degree (AAAS).

The President, with the assistance of the Faculty Senate, Curriculum Committee, the Provost, and other appropriate administrators, shall establish procedures intended to assure courses used for Career and Technical certificates and degrees meet specific criteria.



  • CWI’s Provost has final internal approval authority over recommendations from the Curriculum Committee. 
  • Where required, the Idaho Division of Career Technical Education has state-level approval authority over Career and Technical curriculum. 
  • Where required, the Northwest Commission for Colleges and Universities must approve the delivery of new curriculum or modality, per its minor and substantive change criteria. 
  • CWI shall ensure that certificate and degree requirements are published in the catalog and included in other resources conveniently accessible to students.