Number: INST 130
Effective: December 1, 2016
Department: Instruction
Last Revision: December 19, 2016


To provide guidelines for the engagement and use of substitute instructors.


Applies to Career & Technical and Academic faculty members.


Faculty members are expected to conduct classes as scheduled. Faculty who must be absent from class must notify their supervisor in advance. Supervisors will recommend arrangements to cover absences of faculty.

It is the responsibility of faculty and supervisors to provide maximum instructional time each semester. Permission to pay substitutes must be approved in advance by a direct supervisor.


Use Of Substitute Instructors 

Substitute instructors may be used at CWI pursuant to the following guidelines:

  • Faculty may arrange to exchange coverage with other instructors in lieu of compensation.
  • Faculty may not personally compensate substitutes.
  • Non-employees of CWI may not substitute in an instructor’s absence.

CWI will compensate a qualified substitute in the following instances:

  • To cover military absences, active juror absences, or college-related absences (state meetings, conferences, etc.).
  • To cover extended absence for documented illness.
  • To cover paid leave for full-time faculty.