Number: INST 140
Effective: June 7, 2017
Department: Instruction and Enrollment and Student Services
Last Revision: June 7, 2017


To address registration in courses requiring requisites.


Applies to all CWI students enrolling in courses requiring requisites.


Course Requisite:  A course or other demonstration of requisite knowledge deemed to be necessary for success in a course.

Prerequisite:  A course which must be completed prior to participating in another course.

Co-requisite:  A course which must be completed concurrently with another course.

Pre/co-requisite:  A course which may be completed either prior to or concurrently with another course.

In-Progress:  A course in which a student is currently enrolled; in progress courses are noted on the transcript with the grade notation of Course in Progress (CIP).

Academic Calendar:  The system which defines the landmark dates that drive the day-to-day business atCWI.

Students:  Anyone enrolled in credit courses at CWI.

Instruction:  CWI’s Academic Department.


CWI is committed to outlining the appropriate sequencing of courses.  Many courses require requisites to ensure students are prepared to be successful in the course material and learning outcomes.  Therefore, CWI will enforce course requisites upon registration.  Unless otherwise stated in a course description, a minimum grade of C or higher is required in all courses fulfilling a requisite requirement.

Recognizing that the registration process for upcoming semesters begins while current classes are incomplete, CWI allows registration into next-level courses while requisite courses are in progress.  Because student success is equally important to access, CWI will remove students in current classes who have utilized this option but do not ultimately meet the requisite requirement after grades post for the current semester.


  • When a course is proposed through the curriculum committee, faculty shall identify and justify any required requisites for the course.
  • When registration begins for an upcoming semester the registration system will confirm that course requisites have been met in order to allow registration. 
  • When course requisites have been completed in a previous semester, the system is able to confirm the required grade before allowing registration into the desired class.  When the course requisite is in-progress during the current semester, the system allows registration without regard to the grade as a grade has not yet been earned.
  • After grades post for the current semester, the registrar’s office will identify students who are enrolled in a course without successful completion of the requisite.  These students are then dropped from the upcoming course and notified of that drop.
  • Drops for unmet requisites shall happen within one week of grades posting to student transcripts as noted on the Academic Calendar.
  • Students dropped for unmet requisites are not charged for the course and the course is removed from their transcript.


  • Instruction may choose to waive a requisite based on a student’s prior academic history by using the Registration Exception form. 
  • In some instances, a requisite is not effectively captured by a grade alone.  In these instances, Instruction and the registrar’s office will jointly develop a report to identify the students who have not met requisites after grades have posted.
  • Students identified on an alternate report will be dropped in the same fashion and on the same timeline as those drops identified by grades.