Number: INST 050
Effective: December 1, 2016
Last Reviewed: October 8, 2021
Department: Instruction
Last Revision: October 8, 2021


To provide for the establishment of standards for Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees, Academic Certificates, and the CWI General Education Program which supports these awards.


Applies to academic transfer programs offered by CWI.


Associate of Arts (A.A.) degrees, Associate of Science (A.S.) degrees, and Academic Certificates (AC) represent more than an accumulation of courses. They symbolize CWI’s commitment to providing students a program of study, thoughtfully designed to develop a level of specialized knowledge and skills associated with the attainment of a college-level degree.

General Education (GE) is the foundation of the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees and provides a broad-based learning foundation designed to prepare students for personal, community, and global responsibility.  This is accomplished by completing general education coursework that empowers students to consider other contexts and viewpoints, communicate with clarity and accuracy, and apply solutions and ideas. Students will be prepared to move forward in their academic careers with a solid foundation from the general education courses they completed at CWI. CWI therefore has established the processes for developing appropriate and meaningful standards for academic transfer programs offered by CWI.

The President, with assistance of the Faculty Senate, Curriculum Committee, the Provost, and other appropriate administrators, shall establish procedures intended to assure courses used for complying with academic transfer requirements meet specific criteria. 

Curriculum Approval

  • CWI’s Provost has final internal approval authority over recommendations from the Curriculum Committee.
  • Where required, the State Board of Education has state-level approval authority over transfer curriculum.
  • Where required, the Northwest Commission for Colleges and Universities must approve the delivery of new curriculum or modality, per its minor and substantive change criteria.
  • CWI shall ensure that certificate and degree requirements are published in the catalog and included in other resources conveniently accessible to students.