To maximize the value and use of CWI’s Information Technology (IT) Resources consistent with applicable state and federal law and the policies of the Idaho Technology Authority (ITA), the Idaho State Board of Education (SBOE) and CWI.

To provide guidelines for the administration of CWI’s server environment.

To establish guidelines for CWI’s telephone and telecommunication services.

To ensure compliance with applicable statutes, regulations and mandates relating to the use of software made available by CWI and to establish acceptable practices and responsibilities associated with the use of such software.

To state the requirements for remote access to computing resources hosted at CWI using Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology.

The purpose of this policy is to provide for a uniform and systematic method for providing IT services required by CWI.

To provide a reliable computing device platform which will enhance the workflow and productivity of the CWI community.

To set forth guidelines for Internet access and usage at CWI.

To classify data and establish minimum standards and guidelines to protect against accidental or intentional damage or loss of data, interruption of CWI business, or the compromise of confidential information.

To define the responsibilities, guidelines, and terms of use for user owned mobile devices configured for CWI data use and that can access CWI’s electronic resources.

To provide a framework for the procurement of all IT hardware, software, and any externally-hosted systems or software for CWI.

To ensure secure, reliable and accountable use of mobile computing and storage devices containing CWI data by establishing unified management of and formally assigning roles and responsibilities with respect to the use of such devices.

To provide ownership, allowable use, privacy, and retention guidelines for all Users of CWI E-mail Facilities.

To provide the standards for the establishment of CWI’s networking infrastructure.

To provide support for academics and the business of CWI by keeping software utilized by CWI up to date and patched with the most current updates as approved for deployment on the CWI network.