Number: IT 010
Effective: December 1, 2016
Department: Information Technology
Last Revision: December 19, 2016


To provide guidelines for the administration of CWI’s server environment.


Applies to CWI’s servers that house all software and applications utilized users.


Host: A server that is configured explicitly to run software that provides virtual servers for CWI’s server environment. Many hosts make up a cluster.

Server: A computer that is configured to provide services to other computers on the CWI network. These services include file sharing, printing, database access, email, authentication and applications utilized by staff, faculty and students. Servers can be physical machines or can be a virtual server on a special server called a host.

User: Anyone who uses CWI’s information technology resources, even if they have no responsibility for managing the resources. This includes students, faculty, staff, contractors, consultants, and temporary employees.


Information Technology (IT) will provide a robust server infrastructure for CWI for the purpose of providing services such as mission critical applications, printing, file shares, backups and software patching.

To support a reliable server infrastructure, all CWI Users shall conform to the guidelines detailed in this policy.



IT is responsible for every aspect of the server infrastructure which includes:  

  • Installation and maintenance of all server hardware, including all hosts, hard drives and cabling.
  • Patching and upgrades of all server software.
  • All software installed on the servers, including all applications, virus protection, licenses and any running services.
  • Security of all servers including maintaining passwords, usernames, IP addressing.

Best Practices 

  • IT shall seek and adopt, whenever possible, best practices with regards to the acquisition, implementation, management and replacement of server infrastructure resources.
  • IT will review and adopt appropriate standards and procedures that represent best practices.


Access to the server infrastructure is limited to the Server Administration group at CWI. Administrative access will not be granted to any other party.

Virus Protection

Server antivirus software is required for all servers connected to CWI’s infrastructure. Such software must be installed and running, and virus definitions kept up-to-date.


IT will maintain documentation of the server infrastructure data including:

  • IP addressing
  • DNS information
  • Licensing
  • Patch levels
  • Services provided
  • Contact information
  • Backup schedule

Data Recovery

All servers in the CWI server infrastructure will be regularly backed up. All backups will be regularly tested and verified.