Number: IT 020
Effective: December 1, 2016
Department: Information Technology
Last Revision: December 19, 2016


To establish guidelines for CWI’s telephone and telecommunication services.


Applies to all users of CWI’s Telephone Services.


Telephone Services: CWI’s telephone lines, equipment, products, maintenance, and other related resources that assist employees and students in their telecommunications needs.

User: Anyone who uses CWI’s information technology resources, even if they have no responsibility for managing the resources. This includes students, faculty, staff, contractors, consultants, and temporary employees.


CWI provides Telephone Services based on cost-effective practices that also comply with government rules and regulations. This policy guides decisions that ensure quality service to CWI’s community in a cost effective manner.



CWI’s Information Technology Department is responsible to:

  • Manage Telephone Services and other telecommunications resources.
  • Negotiate Telephone Services contracts on behalf of CWI.
  • Centrally manage and administer all equipment and services under the direction of the Chief Information Officer.

Generally, departments and users should use CWI Telephone Services for work-related purposes.

  • Personal use of Telephone Services that do not incur additional charges may be permitted in moderation, with supervisor approval and subject to departmental guidelines and restrictions. 
  • Department guidelines should reflect that the employee’s first responsibility is to his/her work assignment and personal use of CWI’s Telephone Services may not result in additional costs to CWI or adversely affect employee performance.

Policy Non-Compliance

Misuse of CWI’s Telephone Services may be grounds for corrective action up to and including termination and/or suspension or expulsion in the case of a student. All users should be aware that the misuse of Telephone Services could also result in civil action and/or criminal prosecution.