Refer to INST 160 - Overloads-Exceptional Teaching Assignments in the CWI Policies and Procedures Manual.

Subject to approval by the instructional Dean responsible for the discipline in consultation with the Provost, supplemental pay for teaching overload may be offered in limited and restricted situations of special institution need, with each case approved on an individual basis. Teaching is normally performed by faculty as part of their regular duties; however, faculty still may be eligible for supplemental pay for teaching overloads. All overload is considered additional responsibility, regardless of the employee’s primary position classification (faculty or staff). Supplemental pay for teaching overload should not occur on an ongoing basis.

Overload guidelines include the following:

  1. The employee’s primary supervisor is responsible for assigning workload and responsibilities related to their primary position.
  2. It is the employee’s responsibility to notify their primary supervisor prior to their acceptance of additional work beyond their regular workload.
  3. Employees must have prior approval from primary supervisor to accept teaching assignments that conflicts with regular business hours and duties that fall within their regular business hours.
  4. Employees who have received a Letter of Corrective Action are not eligible to accept additional teaching assignments until corrected behavior and sustained performance have been documented for a period of 12 months from the issuance of the corrective action
  5. When Overload assignments are necessary, full-time exempt employees with relevant qualifications, regardless of primary position, will be allowed to accept teaching assignments of up to:
    1. 6 credits in Fall
    2. 6 credits in Spring
    3. 6 credits in Summer (employees who are not under contract or not carrying regular work hours with the College during summer session may teach up to 9 credits)
  6. Overloads assigned to exempt full‐time employees are compensated at the top tier of the adjunct pay scale.
  7. The Provost will provide a report of additional teaching assignments to President’s Cabinet for the Fall and Spring Semesters.