Refer to INST 030 Adjunct Faculty and HR 010 Faculty Appointment and Retention in the CWI Policies and Procedures Manual.

Adjunct faculty are subject to CWI Human Resources policies in addition to the standards set forth in this Faculty Handbook.

A. Appointment of Adjunct Faculty

CWI will strive to employ adjunct faculty in the academic and professional technical teaching areas with the same qualifications as full-time contracted faculty. Adjunct faculty will be selected by the department supervisor in consultation with the department faculty and subject to approval and hiring by the appropriate Instructional Dean.

  1. Letter of Teaching Appointment: Adjunct faculty will be issued a Letter of Teaching Appointment (LTA) for each course assigned, which indicates their teaching load and compensation for the course. Adjunct faculty will be compensated per credit hour or contact hour according to the adjunct faculty tiered pay scale. CWI may choose to prorate an adjunct faculty member’s compensation for a specific class based upon low student enrollment. Prior to prorating the compensation, the adjunct faculty member will be given the choice of not teaching the class. CWI reserves the right to replace adjunct faculty with full-time faculty if necessary.
  2. Course load: Refer to INST 030 Adjunct Faculty in CWI Policies and Procedures Manual
    1. Workload hours, per ACA regulations, must not exceed an average of 30 hours per week during the defined look back period.
    2. Contact (instructional) hours in combination with other part-time, non-benefit-eligible employment with CWI must not exceed an average of 19.5 hours per week during any five-month rolling period.
    3. Credit hours may not exceed: 10 credits in Spring; 6 credits in Summer; 12 credits in Fall
  3. Benefits and leave: Adjunct Faculty are not eligible for benefits and do not accrue vacation or sick leave.
  4. Rights and privileges:
    1. Library and facilities access
    2. Network/e-mail account. Adjunct faculty must access this account at least once per month to maintain this access.
    3. Access to professional development opportunities through the Center for Teaching and Learning
    4. Right to apply for tiered advancement pay
    5. Right to participate on CWI committees and have representation on faculty senate
  5. Responsibilities: Adjunct faculty’s high level of commitment to students and assignments will help maintain the reputation of CWI. Adjunct faculty demonstrate this commitment by being concerned for each student and his/her progress; being prepared for each class; being prompt to class; using the full instructional period; communicating problems, concerns, and successes to department supervisors; and responding to communications and suggestions from supervisors.
  6. Adjunct compensation: The compensation for adjunct faculty is based on a standard credit/contact rate per unit, or at a fixed rate per student determined by the number of students in a class. See Appendix B for a detailed description of adjunct faculty tiered pay.

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