Refer to HR 010 Faculty Appointment and Retention Policy in the CWI Policies and Procedures Manual.

Adjunct Faculty are appointed through a Letter of Teaching Appointment signed by the adjunct faculty member and the Provost. Unless renewed in writing by CWI, the Letter of Teaching Appointment ends at the conclusion of the semester. Adjunct faculty shall have no expectation of continued employment beyond the term of the appointment. Employment of adjunct faculty is at-will and, upon written notice to the adjunct faculty member, may be terminated during the term of the appointment with or without cause. Adjunct faculty are allowed six (6) hours of absences per semester. Exceeding this limit without prior approval could be grounds for non-renewal.

A CWI employee in a non-exempt primary position is not allowed to fill an adjunct or exempt position effective January 1, 2017. An employee’s non-exempt status, when it is the primary position, requires all subsequent work completed by the employee for CWI to be designated as non-exempt and paid hourly per The Fair Labor Standards Act.