Refer to the HR 220 Emeritus Program Policy in the CWI Policies and Procedures Manual.

Faculty Emeritus status is an honor awarded to full-time faculty members upon retirement who have a history of distinguished service to CWI, and is not automatically given as a matter of course. Applicants for emeritus status must be recommended by their department, supported by their administrators, and be recommended by at least three individuals outside of their individual programs.

A. Criteria for Application

  • Fifteen years of full-time service with CWI.
  • Less than fifteen years with CWI, but due to significant health reasons must take an early retirement (provided that employee would have been eligible for retirement had he or she fulfilled the fifteen-year requirement).
  • Completed less than fifteen years with CWI, but in the opinion of the faculty’s supervisors and the Faculty Senate, the candidate will be actively involved in CWI during retirement.
  • Completed less than fifteen years with CWI, but as a “founding member” of the CWI faculty, can demonstrate significant service to CWI. A “founding member” are those faculty who were hired during CWI’s first 5 years of existence.

B. Process

A faculty member must apply for emeritus status through an application process as outlined by the Faculty Senate. Applications are submitted to the Faculty Senate for review. Applications forwarded to the Provost for recommendation to the College President. CWI Trustees will have final approval on emeritus status. After approval, emeritus status will be publicly awarded and recognized at graduation ceremonies.

C. Emeritus rights and privileges

Faculty designated Emeritus will have the following rights and privileges:

  • They will be listed in the CWI catalog as holding emeritus status.
  • They may provide representation on college committees as recommended by their departments.
  • They may serve as an official liaison with other portions of the community and region.
  • They may continue to teach courses, receive part-time faculty pay and are eligible to participate in CWI’s employee education benefits, pursuant to the College of Western Idaho policy.
  • They may participate in alumni and commencement activities.
  • They may continue to attend and participate in meetings of the general faculty, but they will not have a vote in such proceedings without direct appointment and administrative approval.
  • They may continue to have faculty privileges for cultural campus activities and for using campus facilities
  • They may retain their CWI e-mail account, upon request. Emeriti faculty must provide their own internet service provider.