Full-time support faculty are subject to the Human Resources policies in the CWI Policy Manual and the standards set forth in this Faculty Handbook.

A. Appointment of Full-Time Support Faculty

Support faculty members are hired on the basis of credentials and interviews. Evidence of credentials and other relevant information must be on file in the office of the appropriate Instructional Dean.

  1. Credentials
    1. Full-time support faculty members in academic instructional areas should hold a master's degree in the field in which they teach or related field. If the master's degree is not in the subject area, faculty members must have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours of graduate credit in the subject area to be taught. The College of Western Idaho reserves the right to hire faculty with a bachelor's degree in the field in which they teach or to hire faculty whose documented work experience has been deemed relevant by a selection committee in that discipline and/or by the administration.
    2. Professional/technical faculty must possess the necessary certifications, licenses, and experiences to meet the requirements for Idaho Career and Technical Education (CTE) Certification. CTE faculty without college degrees will be encouraged to work toward and complete appropriate degrees.

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