Refer to HR 140 Employee Corrective Action Policy in the CWI Policies and Procedures Manual.

When corrective actions are needed for faculty, the following practices will be utilized:

  1. Informal Review: The faculty supervisor will review expectations with the faculty member and identify opportunities for improvement and growth. These conversations should be documented in writing.
  2. Coaching and Development Plan: When the informal review process has not yielded the results needed, a formal Coaching and Development Plan (CDP) will be established. This document will outline the specific expectations not being met, a plan of support to help the faculty member reach the expectations, and consequences for failing to meet the stated objectives. CDPs will include an effective period. This will frequently be one semester. At the conclusion of the CDP effective period, faculty will either return to good standing or be moved to a Letter of Corrective Action.
  3. Letter of Corrective Action: A Letter of Corrective Action (LCA) is the final step in the corrective action process. The LCA outlines expectations that must be met in order for employment to be maintained at CWI. Violation of the details outlined in a LCA will be grounds for termination of the faculty contract. LCAs do not come with an effective period as the expectations remain in effect throughout employment at CWI. However, a faculty member can return to good standing for the purpose of merit/differentiated pay after 12 months from the date of the LCA. A rank eligible faculty member may apply for rank after 24 months have passed from the date of the LCA. The first year spent on an LCA will not count toward time in service for eligibility toward the next rank.

Each employee’s performance situation is managed based on individual circumstances and may require disciplinary actions that bypass steps due to college needs. The college reserves the right to manage each situation as appropriate which may result in corrective action or termination without the preceding steps.