Number: HR 140
Effective: March 15, 2011
Department: Human Resources
Last Revision: September 22, 2016


To provide guidelines for addressing employee performance deficiencies and/or conduct issues.


Applies to all employees of CWI.


CWI expects its employees to meet its performance expectations and to conduct themselves in accordance with its standards of conduct as expressed in CWI’s Employee Conduct policy as well as other applicable policies and procedures. Employees who fail to meet performance expectations or engage in unacceptable conduct shall be subject to corrective action.


The following progressive disciplinary steps may be utilized to improve performance and address employee conduct issues:

  • Verbal warning
  • Written warning which may include a corrective action plan
  • Suspension without pay
  • Probation
  • Demotion
  • Termination

While the use of the above-mentioned progressive disciplinary steps is recommended, it is not required. CWI reserves the right to take any corrective action it deems appropriate based on the facts and circumstances of each case.

A recommendation for suspension or termination should be documented in writing, should state the reason(s) for which the action is being taken and should outline the efforts, if any, which have been made to improve the employee’s performance or address the conduct in question. Further, any such recommended action should be discussed with the Executive Director of Human Resources and approved by the appropriate dean, vice president or president.

If an employee is currently or has been on a Corrective Action Plan – Final Warning within the previous six (6) months, the employee is ineligible to transfer to an internal position within CWI and is ineligible for a merit pay increase.

Nothing contained in this policy limits or modifies the at-will nature of employment at CWI or creates contractual or due process rights on behalf of any employee.