Number: HR 310
Effective: October 16, 2016
Last Reviewed: September 1, 2023
Department: Human Resources
Last Revision: August 21, 2023


To delineate and describe the Educational Tuition Waiver Benefit.


Applies to all benefit-eligible faculty and staff.


Benefit-eligible: Full-time faculty and staff who work twenty (20) or more hours a week and are expected to be employed for at least five (5) continuous months.


CWI offers Educational Benefits to support the greater campus community. Eligibility for this waiver of educational tuition is contingent on meeting eligibility requirements and compliance with the terms contained in this policy.  Any exceptions to this policy or the procedure must be approved in advance by the Executive Director of Human Resources.

This policy does not apply to any non-credit or continuing education program or class. For information on this benefit and the procedure, see the Human Resources Office. Any exceptions to this policy or the procedure must be approved in advance by the Executive Director of Human Resources.


CWI Tuition Waiver Eligibility

Benefit-eligible employees and their household (legal spouse, domestic partners, and dependent children) may enroll in credited courses on a space-available basis. For these purposes, CWI relies on the definition of dependent benefit-eligibility outlined by the Office of Group Insurance. Employees on an unpaid leave of absence (except for medical) or whose employment begins after the start of the semester in which the waiver is being requested are not eligible for the tuition waiver. Employees on nine- or ten-month contracts and their household may receive the tuition waiver for summer sessions provided the employee has worked the previous semester and has an employment contract for the following fall semester.   

Current benefit-eligible employees of University of Idaho, Idaho State University, Lewis-Clark State College, North Idaho College, College of Southern Idaho, and full-time employees of Idaho State Board of Education, Career Technical Education (CTE) Division are eligible to request tuition waiver at CWI. The following limitations apply:

  • The benefit is limited to employee only.
  • Must be admitted and enrolled in a degree program at CWI.
  • The benefit covers up to 6 credits per fall/spring semester and 3 credits in summer.
  • No reduction in special course fees and for credit classes only.

This tuition waiver benefit does not apply to:

  • Any non-credit or continuing education program or classes
  • Courses funded by local, state, or federal grants
  • Special workshops
  • Classes for which fees are directly applied to costs of the programs, such as Professional Truck Driving
  • Dual Credit courses
  • Admission application fees
  • New student curriculum fees
  • Dropped class fees
  • Required books or course materials
  • Professional program course-specific fees, or other special course fees.

Requesting CWI Waiver and Cost

Employees or their household must complete the tuition waiver form and submit it to Human Resources each semester that they are requesting tuition be waived. If an employee wishes to take a course offered during the employee’s normal work schedule, supervisor approval should be provided in advance. If an employee and/or their household receive a tuition waiver and the employee subsequently separates from employment with CWI prior to halfway through the semester, the student may have to pay the full amount of tuition required for enrollment.

The cost to the employee will be $5 per credit plus a $20 nonrefundable registration fee per semester. Special course charges, such as activity and lab fees, must be paid by the employee by the due date for the term in which the student is enrolled and are not included in the tuition benefit. Each household (excluding employee) will be allowed to enroll in a maximum of six (6) credits per fall or spring semester and three (3) credits for summer classes. The maximum credits for a CWI employee are unlimited.

Reciprocal Agreements with Idaho Institutions

Reciprocal Agreements allow CWI employees (household members NOT eligible) to take courses for reduced tuition at the following institutions:

  • University of Idaho
  • Idaho State University
  • Lewis-Clark State College
  • North Idaho College
  • College of Southern Idaho

Each institution has their own requirements, so check with the institution of choice for specific information.

taxable benefit

If the tuition reduction amount at any institution exceeds $5,250.00 in a year, the portion over that amount will become a taxable benefit to the employee.