Number: HR 080
Effective: October 1, 2016
Department: Human Resources
Last Revision: October 1, 2016


To establish guidelines for the release of employee information in response to requests from external parties.


Applies to all requests for employee information from external parties.


It is CWI’s policy to respond to reference requests only on a limited basis. In general, any such responses will be limited to dates of employment, positions held and salary. CWI may provide substantive reference information if authorized by the employee or former employee and such authorization includes a release of any liability related to the disclosure of any such information.


Requests For References 

All requests for information regarding current or former employees must be referred to the Human Resources Department. Information given by phone will be limited to verification of employment dates, position title, and salary. In response to written requests (e.g., mortgage applications), information such as salary, dates of employment, and job position may be provided, if an authorization signed by the employee is provided to CWI. Representatives of government or law enforcement agencies, in the course of their business, may be allowed access to file information. Personnel documents may be provided in response to a legal subpoena or court order. Such cases will be handled on an individual basis. All employee files are the property of CWI.

References For Former Employees 

A former employee may contact individuals working for CWI to seek letters of recommendation and/or permission to use such individuals as references. Individuals responding to such a request should understand that if they provide a reference, they must act in their individual capacity and not as agents for CWI, and that any such letters of recommendation shall not be on CWI letterhead.

If a former employee requests an official reference from CWI, the request should be forwarded to the Human Resource office.