Number: HR 050
Effective: November 1, 2010
Department: Human Resources
Last Revision: November 22, 2016


To provide guidelines for proving reimbursement for moving expenses.


Applies to all departments of CWI.


CWI generally does not provide moving expenses for new hires except for special recruiting efforts and difficult hiring conditions.  However, moving expenses may be provided pursuant to the following guidelines.  Exceptions outside of guidelines must be approved by the supervising Vice President prior to confirmation with new hire.  The maximum moving expense reimbursement for any employee will not exceed ten (10) percent of the new employee’s annualized salary.  The President may approve exceptions to this maximum on a case-by-case basis prior to confirmation with the new hire.


  1. CWI may provide moving expenses for new hires at the Dean level or above . 
  2. Moving expenses must be documented by providing the original receipts.  Mileage for the move will be reimbursed at CWI’s then-current standard rate applicable at the time of the move.
  3. CWI does not reimburse expenses incurred for house hunting visits.