Number: HR 120
Effective: February 4, 2013
Department: Human Resources
Last Revision: September 22, 2016


To establish and provide guidelines for CWI’s employee performance management process.


All CWI employees who work on an ongoing basis are covered by this policy.


CWI believes that employee performance management is critical for maximizing individual performance to achieve business results.  This involves a continuous exchange of timely, accurate feedback between managers and employees throughout the year in order to set performance expectations, monitor progress, and evaluate results, as well as a more formal evaluation process which generally will be conducted on an annual basis.  With respect to CWI’s more formal evaluation process, employees are to be evaluated according to their position descriptions in a systematic, fair manner on a calendar basis.  The Human Resource Department provides the format supervisors are to use as well as training to maintain a high level of effectiveness among supervisors in conducting performance evaluations.


Annual Performance Evaluation

Supervisors are required to conduct annual performance evaluations with all covered employees who report to them.  The performance evaluation period will be established by Human Resources.

Employee Self-Evaluation

Employees will complete a self-evaluation for his or her supervisor prior to the evaluation meeting. 

Performance Evaluation Documents

Supervisors will complete the performance evaluation document for each employee.  All performance evaluations will be maintained in the employee’s personnel file.

Regular Informal Progress Review

Supervisors should conduct periodic progress reviews to ensure employees continue to meet job expectations and are on track for completing agreed upon goals.

Introductory Period (Staff Employees)

All staff employees (director level and below) assigned to a new position must complete a 90-day introductory period.  The purpose of the introductory period is to allow employees time to become acquainted with their duties, responsibilities, and work environment, and to demonstrate their ability to perform their job.  It also allows CWI to determine whether continued employment is in its best interests. Upon completion of the introductory period, the employee’s supervisor will conduct a performance evaluation to determine whether employment should be continued.  At CWI’s option, the introductory period may be extended if CWI determines that additional time is necessary to evaluate an employee’s performance or otherwise determine if continued employment is appropriate.

Completion of the introductory period does not affect the at-will nature of employment at CWI.  At any time during or after the introductory period, CWI may terminate an employee’s employment with or without cause or notice.

Rehired employees are required to complete an introductory period in the same manner as any other new employee unless the employee’s break in employment is less than 90 calendar days.