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80% of Tuition Covered

Introducing Idaho LAUNCH at CWI. Get 80% of your tuition and fees covered, up to $8,000, to pursue your degree or career certificate starting Fall 2024. This incredible opportunity is brought to you by the State of Idaho with their innovative program Idaho LAUNCH. Here's the best part — any Idaho high school senior is eligible! With CWI accepting everyone, your future is secured. Don't miss out on this chance to launch into your dream career!

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Through CWI LAUNCH Link we’ll help you apply for and maximize your Idaho LAUNCH funds. Link up with CWI and get started on next steps!

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  • Be a class of 2024 Idaho high school or home school graduate or GED completer
  • No GPA or financial need requirement
  • Over 100 programs at CWI qualify*
  • Idaho LAUNCH funds nearly cover a full two years at CWI
    • Receive 80% of tuition and fees for your certificate or degree, up to $8,000
    • Scholarships and/or financial aid (for those who qualify) may be used to help cover any remaining costs
  • 100% admission acceptance at CWI for Idaho graduates

When you apply for Idaho LAUNCH at CWI, you are getting a high-quality education at the most affordable rate in the entire state. Costs at CWI are half that of four-year public institutions allowing your dollars to go further and pay for the majority of your degree or career certificate.

Check out Next Steps Idaho for additional Idaho LAUNCH program details.

*CWI program qualification for Idaho LAUNCH grant is subject to funding availability provided by the State of Idaho.

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20846 What is Idaho LAUNCH at CWI?

Idaho LAUNCH for high school seniors is new this year with the graduating class of 2024 as the first invited to participate. Idaho LAUNCH aims to connect high school seniors to in-demand careers through training and education at College of Western Idaho (CWI). Keep an eye out for program updates throughout the year as the College launches this initiative.

Another version of Idaho LAUNCH has been around for approximately three years. This program has served adults seeking to upskill or change careers and is referred to as Idaho LAUNCH for Adults and has been utilized to pay for training through many of CWI’s Workforce Development courses.

20972 What are the benefits of CWI LAUNCH Link?

LAUNCH Link is a service provided by College of Western Idaho (CWI) to future students who attend the College and use Idaho LAUNCH. Students who sign up to take advantage of LAUNCH Link will receive one-on-one guidance as they get started on how to best utilize the available Idaho LAUNCH funds to receive an education or training for a future career.

20847 Who can access the Idaho LAUNCH program?

Idaho LAUNCH is available to:

  • Idaho high school students graduating in 2024
  • students who start at College of Western Idaho in 2024 for the summer or fall semester or either fall 8-week session
  • students who continue their education immediately following high school
20849 How much funding is available for qualified students through Idaho LAUNCH?
  • Students can receive up to $8,000 to pay for up to 80% of their tuition and fees.
  • Students can receive up to 50% of the $8,000 per academic year with the exception being a program that is less than 12 months in length.
20848 What are the important dates for the Idaho LAUNCH program?
  • Applications for the Idaho LAUNCH program will open Oct. 3, 2023, through April 15, 2024. High school students are highly encouraged to apply early.
    • Initial applications are due Nov. 30, 2023.
  • To utilize Idaho LAUNCH funds, students must start at College of Western Idaho (CWI) the same year they graduate high school in either the Summer or Fall 2024 semesters.
20970 How does the Idaho LAUNCH application cycle work?

The Idaho LAUNCH application is open Oct. 3, 2023, through April 15, 2024.

Contingent Award Letters are contingent upon verification of eligibility. There will be three rounds of Contingent Award Letters.

  • Round 1 Contingent Award Letters sent by Dec. 31
  • Round 2 Contingent Award Letters sent by March 31
  • Round 3 Contingent Award Letters sent by May 31

Final Award Letters will be issued in June 2024 after eligibility is verified.

Please be sure to use an active email address when applying for CWI and Idaho LAUNCH funds.

20971 How will you be notified if you have been awarded Idaho LAUNCH funds?

You will receive an email notification from Scholarship Idaho. It is important for you to have an active email address that you check regularly to ensure you do not miss any notifications.