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Your Career in Law Enforcement Starts with this POST-Certified Program

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Program Overview

Are you driven by a sense of justice and a desire to serve your community? College of Western Idaho (CWI) offers a Law Enforcement program tailored to equip you for a rewarding career in law enforcement and detention settings. This program, leading to either an Intermediate Technical Certificate or an Associate of Applied Science degree in Law Enforcement, integrates a Basic Patrol Academy approved by the Idaho Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) Council.

Immerse yourself in rigorous training that meets all Idaho POST requirements, including physical fitness, marksmanship, and written examinations. Selective and competitive, CWI's Law Enforcement program necessitates a supplemental application process. You will undergo a thorough selection process, including a comprehensive background check, polygraph examination, and more, ensuring your readiness for this critical field.

Degree or Certificate Type

Associate of Applied Science

Intermediate Technical Certificate

Time to Complete

1 – 2 years

Primary Location

Applications Open

The Fall 2024 program application deadline for Law Enforcement is Monday, July 1

Admission Steps

Law enforcement instructor teaching a group of students in the classroom

Learning Opportunities

  • POST Certified Training: Experience comprehensive training that satisfies all requirements for basic academy training in patrol and detention.
  • Expert Instructors: Learn from over 60 subject matter experts, all POST certified who have or are actively working in the field.
  • Advanced Technology: Train with the most advanced law enforcement technology available in the region.
  • Practical Field Experience: Gain real-world experience through patrol and detention practicums with various agencies.
  • Community Engagement: Participate in community projects, preparing you for a lifetime of public service.

Area of Study

Degrees & Certificates

Law Enforcement – Associate of Applied Science Degree

Law Enforcement – Intermediate Technical Certificate

Police with police dog in foggy parking lot

Career Opportunities

  • Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers


    Annual Openings*


    Hourly Median Wage*


    Annual Median Salary


    Growth (2021 – 2031)*

  • Managers, All Other

    All managers not listed separately.


    Annual Openings*


    Hourly Median Wage*


    Annual Median Salary


    Growth (2021 – 2031)*

  • Business Operations Specialists, All Other

    All business operations specialists not listed separately.


    Annual Openings*


    Hourly Median Wage*


    Annual Median Salary


    Growth (2021 – 2031)*

  • Project Management Specialists

    Analyze and coordinate the schedule, timeline, procurement, staffing, and budget of a product or service on a per project basis. Lead and guide the work of technical staff. May serve as a point of contact for the client or customer. Excludes “Management Occupations” (11-0000), “Logisticians” (13-1081), “Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners” (13-1121), and “Production, Planning, and Expediting Clerks” (43-5061).


    Annual Openings*


    Hourly Median Wage*


    Annual Median Salary


    Growth (2021 – 2031)*

  • Public Safety Telecommunicators

    Operate telephone, radio, or other communication systems to receive and communicate requests for emergency assistance at 9-1-1 public safety answering points and emergency operations centers. Take information from the public and other sources regarding crimes, threats, disturbances, acts of terrorism, fires, medical emergencies, and other public safety matters. May coordinate and provide information to law enforcement and emergency response personnel. May access sensitive databases and other information sources as needed. May provide additional instructions to callers based on knowledge of and certification in law enforcement, fire, or emergency medical procedures.


    Annual Openings*


    Hourly Median Wage*


    Annual Median Salary


    Growth (2021 – 2031)*

  • First-Line Supervisors of Police and Detectives

    Directly supervise and coordinate activities of members of police force.


    Annual Openings*


    Hourly Median Wage*


    Annual Median Salary


    Growth (2021 – 2031)*

  • Detectives and Criminal Investigators

    Conduct investigations related to suspected violations of federal, state, or local laws to prevent or solve crimes. Excludes “Private Detectives and Investigators” (33-9021).


    Annual Openings*


    Hourly Median Wage*


    Annual Median Salary


    Growth (2021 – 2031)*

  • Labor Relations Specialists

    Resolve disputes between workers and managers, negotiate collective bargaining agreements, or coordinate grievance procedures to handle employee complaints. Excludes equal employment opportunity (EEO) officers, who are included in “Compliance Officers” (13-1041).


    Annual Openings*


    Hourly Median Wage*


    Annual Median Salary


    Growth (2021 – 2031)*

  • Emergency Management Directors

    Plan and direct disaster response or crisis management activities, provide disaster preparedness training, and prepare emergency plans and procedures for natural (e.g., hurricanes, floods, earthquakes), wartime, or technological (e.g., nuclear power plant emergencies or hazardous materials spills) disasters or hostage situations.


    Annual Openings*


    Hourly Median Wage*


    Annual Median Salary


    Growth (2021 - 2031)*

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*Data sourced from Lightcast™ (2023), a global leader in labor market analytics, and limited to the state of Idaho. Contact CWI Institutional Research for questions regarding this data.


Admission into the Law Enforcement program is competitive and requires a supplemental application process.


Step 2

  • Review the Law Enforcement Application Steps which includes details on:
    • qualifications and cost
    • the pre-application process
    • admission to CWI
    • entrance and polygraph exams
    • background checks
    • POST application and training
    • certification and employment


  • Complete each step of the application process as indicated by the deadline.

Fall 2024 Application Deadline

  • Friday, July 1

Academic Calendar New Student Checklist


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