It has been 15+ years since I was in college. Will everything transfer?

Starting in Fall 2018 (Spring 2018 application), Math, Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2, and Microbiology must all be taken within the last 7 years of the time you apply.  Please see the information on demonstrating competency for courses that are older than 7 years.

Many courses...

It has been years since I completed most of my college courses - what specific courses would you suggest I take?

Starting in Fall 2018 (Spring 2018 application), Math, Anatomy & Physiology 1 & 2, and Microbiology must all be taken within the last 7 years of the time you apply.  If you're unsure of which other courses to take we recommend meeting with your Student Success Advisor.

Once accepted into the AS in Professional Nursing Program what kind of grades do I need to maintain to pass?

At the very least, you will need a "C" or better in every course, as well as a 75% test average, and a "Pass" in every clinical/lab experience to progress to the next semester.

Once admitted, how long is the Associate of Professional Nursing program?

The Associate of Science in Professional Nursing Program is 4 sequential semesters (fall & spring only) or 2 academic years, starting every fall semester.

What are the pre-requisites to the AS Professional Nursing Program?

There are currently no pre-requisite courses for this program.  However, many classes give you points toward your application if they are complete.  Please review the AS Professional Nursing Application for information on how points are calculated. This program is a competitive program...

What if I am almost done with my pre and co-requisites, I have submitted my application, and I am waiting to find out if I have been accepted?

Until you are accepted into a Healthcare Program at CWI, you may declare your major as Heath Science. All the AS in Professional Nursing courses that are needed to apply to the program are included within the Health Science degree.

When do you accept applications for the AS in Professional Nursing Program?

We only accept AS in Professional Nursing applications once a year (January 1st thru March 1st).  

Where will my clinical experiences be?

Clinical experience sites are arranged through a series of coordinated efforts with other facilities and schools throughout the Treasure Valley and beyond. Students do not choose where or when their clinical experiences will be and there is a possibility that occasionally a clinical experience...

Will you help us get a job after graduation?

The Professional Nursing Program may write letters of recommendation and post job openings. Additionally numerous resources are available to assist you in your job search and resume writing through your Student Success Advisor.

Do we need to take the Kaplan Nursing Admissions Exam before acceptance?

Yes - the successful completion and corresponding score on a Kaplan Nursing Admission Exam will be an important part of the application process moving forward. Information is on-line at: https://www....

How do I calculate my GPA on the Professional Nursing Application?

Total number of quality/grade points ÷ Total number of credits taken = GPA 

For this example let’s say you received a “B” for Math at 3 credits, “A” for ANAT 211 at 4 credits, “B” for ANAT 212 at 4 credits, and “C” for...

How do I take the Kaplan Nursing Admissions Test?

The recommended steps in completing the Kaplan Nursing Admissions Test is as follows:

  • Schedule a time to take the Kaplan Nursing Admissions Test at the 

  • ...

I took MMBS 250 but not MMBS 111. Can I use MMBS 250 instead of 221 on my nursing application?

MMBS 250 can be taken instead of MMBS 111 to fulfill the microbiology requirement for the Nursing Application.  Students who complete MMBS 250 will need to fulfill the GEM 4 requirement with an additional course from the approved list.