Can I attend the Practical Nursing Program part-time?

At this time, there is no part-time option. Students progress in the program in a cohort.

Do my previously earned college credits still count?

Biology (Anatomy and Physiology) and math requirements must have been completed within 7 years of application to the Practical Nursing Program.

Math Class Option:

For students to show...

Does CWI have a Practical Nursing to Professional Nursing "bridge" program?

At this time, there is no Practical Nursing to Professional Nursing "bridge" program at CWI.

How do I take the Kaplan Nursing Admissions Exam?

The Kaplan Nursing Admissions Exam may be taken at any proctored testing center. Official test scores used for College of Western Idaho's (CWI) Registered Nursing application must be within the past five years.

The recommended steps in completing the Kaplan Nursing Admissions Exam...

How long is the Practical Nursing Program?

Each cohort begins classes during the spring semester (January) and graduates at the end of the fall semester (December). The program consists of three semesters (spring, summer, and fall).

Is the CWI Practical Nursing Program accredited?

At this time, the Practical Nursing Program is not accredited by the ACEN or NLNAC; however, graduates are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination - Practical Nurse (NCLEX-PN)....

What are the admission requirements for the Practical Nursing Program?

Admission to the Practical Nursing Program is competitive. Please see the application for specific application requirements, available on the Practical Nursing Program page.

When are Practical Nursing Program classes held?

Depending on course objectives and content, classes in the PN program are delivered in a variety of platforms (online, hybrid [a mix of online and face-to-face], and face-to-face). All face-to-face classes are held at the Canyon County Center campus. 

Where are clinical experiences?

Practical Nursing Program students are required to complete clinical experiences in settings that are in and out of the Treasure Valley. To maximize exposure to a variety of experiences, students may be required to complete...

Will my criminal history prohibit me from being accepted into the CWI Practical Nursing Program?

Upon admission, all students accepted into the Practical Nursing Program must have a criminal background screening at their own expense. All students are admitted conditionally to the Practical Nursing Program pending results...