Are online classes at CWI comparable in quality to those taken in-person?

Yes, online classes offer the same level of quality as those taught in-person. Online faculty must complete an online instructor certification course and are exceptionally well trained to design and teach online courses. Many of the College's in-person instructors also teach online.

Can I take online and traditional face-to-face classes?

Yes, a large number of our students take a combination of online, hybrid, and traditional on-campus classes. 

Can I use my phone for Zoom?

Zoom is available on both iOS and Android mobile devices in the app store. Make sure to download the app and set up your account prior to the beginning of your first class.

Zoom experiences differ from desktop to tablet to mobile, so be sure you are using the appropriate device to help...

What equipment/software do I need to take classes online?

Some classes will be asynchronous and not require anything beyond a computer and internet access. Others may require you to have headphones or speakers, microphone, and/or a web cam. Many computers have built-in microphones but not all.


What is a hybrid class?

“Hybrid” classes combine face-to-face classroom instruction with online learning. A portion of a hybrid class is scheduled on-campus, with the remainder completed online. Hybrid classes offer students the best of both worlds with regularly scheduled faculty interaction and the...

What technical knowledge will help me succeed at taking online classes?

The following skills will contribute to your success in an online class: 

Computer Skills

  • access and ability to send and receive e-mail
  • attach documents to an e-mail
  • identify different file types (e.g., .doc, .txt, .jpg, etc.) and
  • ...