Can I study for the Math Placement?

The following resources are available for students wishing to study prior to taking the Math Placement. 

  • Review math concepts using Math Placement study guides
  • Learn the important
  • ...

Can I take the Math Placement multiple times?

Each section of the Math Placement may be taken twice — an initial attempt plus one retake. The waiting period between attempts on a single section is one (1) day. Should you need to retake a section of the Math Placement, a...

Do my ACT or SAT scores qualify for placement into a CWI math class?

ACT and SAT scores may be used to verify your math skill level and place you in the correct math class if within three (3) years of the first day you intend to begin classes.

How do I sign up to take the Math Placement?

Math Placement exams are taken at the Math Solutions Center. To take the Math Placement, please schedule an appointment. 

Schedule Your...

How long is the Math Placement?

Each Math Placement exam can take up to 45 minutes. Students may choose to continue testing on subsequent levels of the testing sequence after earning a minimum passing score on the current level. Upon completion of the Math Placement, your scores will be evaluated and, with the help of a...

What appointment times are available for the Math Placement?

Math Placement exams are offered at the Math Solutions Center Monday through Saturday between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. Appointments on Fridays and Saturdays are limited. 

What should I bring to my Math Placement?

Please bring the following items to your Math Placement exam: 

  • Current Photo ID
    • Accepted forms of ID are Driver's License, State ID Card, Military ID Card, Passport, Permanent Resident Card, CWI Student ID Card, or current-year High School ID card for
  • ...

When is the best time to complete the Math Placement?

It is strongly recommended students complete the Math Placement during the semester prior to starting classes. Doing so will allow your scores to be recorded, time to retake tests as needed, and assist Math...

Who can I contact if I want to find out more about Math courses?

For additional questions, please contact or your advisor.

Who should complete the Math Placement?

If you are seeking a degree or certificate at College of Western Idaho, the Math Placement is used to verify your academic skill level to ensure you are placed in the correct math classes. Qualifying ACT, SAT, and advanced placement scores and previous college credit may also be used if...