Does my writing have to be printed?

While our team is happy to review your writing on any medium, please consider a printed copy gives you something to make notes on and may help you see the paper in a new way and get a sense of how your reader will see it. If you do not have a printed copy available, please be prepared with...

How do I obtain verification for my visit?

Upon request, the Writing Center can email you an appointment verification of your visit.  

How many pages can we review during my appointment?

To receive a thorough review of your writing, seven (7) pages is the maximum amount for one appointment. Please schedule additional appointments for writing more than seven (7) pages long.

How often may I schedule an appointment?

To ensure you have time to work on your writing between visits to the Writing Center, appointments are limited to: 

  • 1 appointment per day, either 30- or 60-minute sessions
  • 2 hours per week, Monday through Saturday
  • 1 assignment per session

What can the Writing Center help with?

Our tutors are experienced readers and writers who can work with a variety of writing from all across the disciplines. This includes academic and creative writing, personal statements for graduate or professional schools, applications for internships, and scholarships. We can also help with...

What if I don't have anything written yet?

While a draft is helpful, it is not necessary to receive support from the Writing Center. Our team is happy to help brainstorm ideas to get you started.

What is the cancelation policy?

  • Appointments are marked as completed 10 minutes into an appointment block.
  • Students who arrive after the 10-minute mark will be asked to reschedule.
  • If you make an effort to communicate with us within 24 hours of your missed appointment, missed /
  • ...

What should I bring to my appointment?

The most important thing to bring to your Writing Center appointment is an openness to work on your writing! Other things that help make a session successful are the assignment sheet, class notes, or course materials that pertain to the assignment and any written work you have completed so far...