Can I take an 8-week class in the same semester I am taking 16-week classes?

Yes, classes can be taken in an 8- and 16-week session at the same time. Prior to registering for classes, be sure to determine the total number of hours you need each week to complete coursework.

For example, if you are taking 12 credits during a traditional 16-week semester, you can...

How many credits can I take during each 8-week session?

A student may not take more than 10 credits during each 8-week session. Students wishing to register for more than 20 credits during a fall or spring semester will need the approval of their advisor. This limitation is based on the expectation that each credit in which you are enrolled in during an 8-week session will require up to 5 hours per week to complete. Taking 10 credits during an 8-week session will require approximately 50 hours of time each week.

How will 8-week classes affect my financial aid?

Financial aid is awarded based on the number of credit hours per semester. To maximize your federal financial aid, be sure to register for 8-week session classes prior to the Census Date specified for each semester. Contact with questions. 

View the Academic Calendar for dates specific to the current semester.  

If I would like to drop or withdraw from a class I am registered for during the regular 16-week semester or first 8-week session, am I able to register for the same class during the Second 8-Week Session?

If you are able to drop the class prior to the Last Day to Drop Classes for that particular semester, you will be able to register for the same class in the Second 8-Week Session with no penalty.

If you withdraw from a 16-week or first 8-week session class after the Last Day to Drop Classes and register for the same class during the second 8-week session of the same semester, you will be responsible for the tuition and fees of both classes. Please contact your advisor to discuss options, and contact to discuss how presented options may impact your financial aid as aid may be available to cover both classes.

What can I expect during an 8-week class?

Classes taken during an 8-week session cover the same amount of content and have the same workload as traditional 16-week classes at an accelerated pace. This means you can expect to spend at least 15 hours per week on a 3-credit lecture course taught over 8 weeks. 

Which classes are available during 8-week sessions?

At this time, a select number of academic courses are currently offered during 8-week sessions. A majority of these classes are being offered in online and hybrid course delivery styles.