How are IncludEd course materials received?

View the IncludEd Classes course materials list to find out if your class provides a physical or digital copy of required course materials. 

  • Physical copies of course materials may be picked up at the
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How do I order textbooks online?

CWI Bookstore Online

  • Select Textbooks from the top menu.
  • Enter your Student ID number or Shop by Courses.
  • Select desired
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I have not received a confirmation email — what do I do?

  • If you have not received a confirmation email after placing an online order, log back in to your Bookstore account to ensure your email is correct.
  • If your email is displayed correctly, check your spam folder.
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Why are my textbooks not showing up online?

If the textbooks for your class are not displayed on the site, the Bookstore is likely waiting on further information from your instructor regarding course materials. Please contact the Bookstore for more information, and check back for updates.