In order to protect yourself from copyright violations, we recommend that you remove all P2P software from your computer. This will eliminate the possibility of having any copyrighted material, which you own, being distributed to the public Internet. To remove any software on a Windows based machine, you should open your Control Panel and choose "Add Remove Programs" or on Vista/Windows 7 "Programs and Features" and select each software title that you want to uninstall. Usually a simple Google search will let you know if the title is related to P2P software or not. If you need assistance or have a question about the titles that you see, please contact the IT helpdesk at 208-562-3444.

Many users choose to configure their P2P software for downloading files, but they disable the feature to allow their files to be uploaded to the public. Many of the popular P2P applications have options that allow you to disable the uploading of files. If you choose to turn off the uploading of files in your P2P software please consult the help file specific to your application for directions.