What is One Stop Student Services?

One Stop Student Services is the easiest way to get answers and information about the College of Western Idaho (CWI). Students can apply for admission and financial aid, register for classes, accept financial aid awards, view and pay bills, and much more, all at one convenient...

What kinds of programs and degrees are offered at CWI?

From Information Technology to Elementary Education, CWI offers a wide-variety of Academic Transfer and Career and Technical Education Degrees. We also offer general education and science courses for those preparing for special admission programs. Click the button below for a full listing of...

Do I have to be a student to use the mobile app?

Not at all. The app includes features available to the entire CWI community.

How much does it cost in the app store?

Nothing! The CWI app is free to download in both Apple and Android app stores.

What is the difference between the mobile app and the CWI website?

The CWI mobile app features have been curated from months of student interviews and research, ensuring you have easy and direct access to the things you care about most.

Will these resources be available after the event?

Yes, the information available during Student Resource & Involvement Week will be available for all students to access even after the event week is over. If you missed any days of the event, or simply want to revisit information, you can access the links on this page at any time.