Am I too old to apply?

No one is too old! However, you must pass the fitness exam, as well as, all of the other required assessments and tests as listed on the Law Enforcement Information Sheet and Application.

Are the additional Law Enforcement program costs above tuition?

Special Course Fees are estimated at approximately $750 for the two-course program to pay for uniforms and special equipment issued to students. There is an additional cost to the student for the full medical examination that is required prior to admission into the program.

Can I still work while in the program?

Students have found it difficult to hold a full-time (32-40 hour/wk) position and attend the program due to scheduling issues and hours spent on coursework. However, it is up to you whether or not you choose to work.


Can I take various Law Enforcement classes when it is convenient for me?

No. The program is set up in a very specific manner. It is all or nothing.

Do I have to go to the POST Academy upon completion of the Law Enforcement program?

Generally with certification through CWI, agencies that hire graduates do not need to send that person to the academy because they are POST certifiable. However, it is at the agency’s discretion.

How can I learn more about the Law Enforcement program?

Visit the Law Enforcement Program page

Contact LeRoy Forsman, Law Enforcement Program Director

Attend a Law...

How do I get certified in the State of Idaho for Law Enforcement?

The options to get certified:

  1. Become employed by an agency and be sent to a POST certified academy by that agency.
  2. Go through the CWI LAWE (or other similar) program.

How long is the Law Enforcement program?

The Law Enforcement certificate programs are 2 semesters in length.  This is the minimum requirement to challenge the POST tests.

The student may continue with 16 specific general education credits and 27 specific criminal justice credits to complete an Associate of Applied Science...

How many students are accepted in the Law Enforcement program each year?

We adhere to Idaho Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). Up to 40 students will be accepted through the application and vetting process.

Is that certification good in states other than Idaho?

There are some states that do recognize the Idaho POST certification and may require an applicant to attend the portion of that state academy dealing with law. The applicant should check with the respective state they are interested in prior to making application to...

Is the Law Enforcement Program approved by POST?

The Law Enforcement Program is designed to prepare graduates to enter the law enforcement field. The Enforcement program has been duly approved by the Idaho Peace Officers Standards Training (POST) Council, thus eliminating the graduates' need to attend the basic...

Is there a desired/required age to start the LE program?

Accepted applicants must turn 18 on or before the first day of class.

What are the Challenge Exams?

The Challenge Exams are administered by a POST facilitator at the CWI campus. The patrol exam consists of 200 questions and must be completed in two hours or less. The detention exam consists of 100 questions and must be completed in two hours or less as well. Upon passing the exams, the student...