Dual Credit Strong Start Guide

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To ensure a successful start to your journey as a dual credit student taking classes on campus or online at College of Western Idaho (CWI), be sure to review the steps and information below. Should you have any questions along the way, our team is here to help. 

  • 1. Sign In to Your Student Account

    As a dual credit student, you will be provided with an official CWI account. The username and password will be used to access myCWI, Blackboard, your student email, and more.

    CWI Login Information

    • Visit Logon Help, and select Enroll.
    • Sign in with your username and password.
      • Username: Your username is typically a combination of your first and last name (e.g., johnsmith). In cases where multiple individuals share the same name, a numerical identifier might be included in your username for distinction (e.g., johnsmith5). 
      • Password: The temporary password is your first initial capitalized + last initial capitalized + 'logon' the last four digits of your social security number (e.g., FLlogon1234). 
        • If you have not provided your social security number to the College or do not have one, please use the last four digits of your student ID number.
      • Follow the prompts to set up security questions.
      • Reset your password to a custom password of your choosing.
      • For login assistance, please contact the Help Desk online or by calling 208.562.3444

    Once your account has been enrolled, you may use Logon Help to reset or change your password and recover access to your account. 

    Logon Help 

  • 2. Verify Academic Skill Level

    To ensure you are placed in the correct math and English classes, CWI uses placement exams to verify your academic skill level. Placement testing is required for students taking dual credit classes taken on campus or online at CWI.

    Accepted placement exams:

    • ACT
    • SAT
    • Advanced Placement (AP) math and English classes completed in high school
    • College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
    • CWI Write Class (English) Placement
    • CWI Math Placement
    • Math or English classes taken at other colleges or universities

    Schedule a Math Placement Exam Complete the Write Class Placement Online

  • 3. Access myCWI & Your Student Email

    myCWI and your student email will be essential to your success as a dual credit student. You will use your CWI username and password to log in to each system. 


    view of myCWI on a laptop screenStay connected and on track with myCWI, your customizable hub for quick access to:

    • the Self-Service Toolkit
    • Blackboard
    • links to resources and services across the College
    • and more!

    Access myCWI on the go with the CWIMobile app, free on Apple and Android.

    Log In to myCWI


    You will be provided with an official CWI email account through Outlook. Be sure to check your student email regularly as this is where you will receive important information and communication from the College and your instructors.

    Access Your Student Email

  • 4. Explore Blackboard

    You will use Blackboard to access information and resources, submit assignments, take exams and quizzes, and view important announcements and updates for each of your classes.

    Review the details below to learn what types of information is available in the Institution PageActivity StreamCourses, and Organizations sections located in the left menu within Blackboard. 

    View of Blackboard

    1. Institution Page

    Find free academic and support resources available to students from Tutoring Services, the Writing Center, Library, and more. 

    2. Activity Stream

    View upcoming, completed, and past due assignments.

    3. Courses

    View dual credit classes you are registered for on campus or online at CWI. Select a course to view details including: 

    • Syllabus: class expectations and resources, instructor contact information, and assignments
    • Weekly Modules: a breakdown of your assignments by week
    • My Grades: current grade for the class

    4. Organizations

    Access to myCommons where you can view tutorials and resources that support and extend your learning and earn badges for mastering a topic or skill. For example, you may choose to earn the Blackboard Basics badge. To earn this badge, you will learn how to navigate Blackboard then complete a quiz with an 80% or higher. Earning badges is not required in general but may be required for specific class assignments. 

    Log In to Blackboard

  • 5. Locate Your Student ID & Profile

    Student ID

    Your student ID number may be located in your Self-Service Toolkit on myCWI.

    • Log in to myCWI.
    • Find the Self-Service Toolkit card, and select Log In.

    Self-Service Toolkit card on myCWI

    • Once you are logged in to the Toolkit, select User Options from the left menu, then User Profile

    User Options User Profile

    • Your student ID number is listed beneath your name in the top left section of the page under Colleague ID

    About You section of the Self-Service Toolkit


    Scroll down on the About You page to review your personal information and make updates as necessary. 

    • Changes to your address, email, or phone number can be made directly in the Toolkit. 
    • To update your name, complete a Student Information Update Form and send it along with a copy of your photo ID to registrar@cwi.edu from your student email account. 
  • 6. Find Your Class Schedule

    Your class schedule may be viewed in Student Planning on myCWI.

    • Log in to myCWI.
    • Find the Student Planning card, and click on the image to access the system. 

    Student Planning card

    • From Student Planning, select Go to Plan & Schedule.

    Go to Plan and Schedule

    • The current semester will be shown first. Click on the arrows to switch between semesters. 

    Choose your Semester

  • 7. Purchase Textbooks

    Students who complete classes on campus or online at CWI are responsible for purchasing textbooks at the CWI Bookstore

    • From the Bookstore page, click on CWI Bookstore Online. 
    • To find which textbooks are required for your class(es), enter your student ID number under Get Your Textbooks.
    • Some textbook and course material costs may be paid as part of your tuition and fees. Visit Course Materials to learn more. 
    • Advanced Opportunities funding does not cover the cost of books.

    CWI Bookstore

  • 8. Explore Academic Resources

    CWI offers a variety of resources on campus and online to help you achieve academic success. Learn how to connect with a tutor or math coach, get help with your writing, take a placement test, and more! 

    Explore Academic Resources

  • 9. Discover State Funding Options


    Idaho’s Department of Education recognizes that high school students across the state are seeking opportunities to earn college credit. In an effort to encourage these students the state provides several programs through the Advanced Opportunities initiative. Through the initiative, students in grades 7 – 12 attending public school in Idaho are allocated $4,125 to use toward dual credit classes, advanced placement, overload courses, or other college-credit bearing or professional certificate examinations.

    • Advanced Opportunities funding does not cover the cost of textbooks or additional fees.
    • Funding may only be used for dual credit classes taken while in high school.  
    • For more information regarding Advanced Opportunities funding, please contact your school counselor who can help you decide which classes to take and complete any necessary paperwork. 

    Apply for Advanced Opportunities 


    Students not attending an Idaho public school in grades 7 – 12 may be eligible for a reimbursement up to $750 to use toward dual credit classes and/or specified exams.  

    Apply for Assistance

  • 10. Pay Tuition & Fees

    Tuition and fees for dual credit students are due by the end of the semester

    Payments can be made:


  • 11. View Grades & Transcripts


    Final grades may be viewed in your Self-Service Toolkit on myCWI.

    • Log in to myCWI.
    • Find the Self-Service Toolkit card, and select Log In.

    Self-Service Toolkit card on myCWI

    • Select Grades to get started.

    Select Grades

    • On this page, you will see a list of your in-progress and completed semesters. 
    • Expand each semester to view your grades for each class taken that semester using the arrow on the right.

    Example of course details in student planning with grade for final circled.

    • Note: Only final grades will show in Self-Service. In-progress grades may be viewed in Blackboard.  


    Students who complete dual credit classes at their high school will have a high school transcript and a CWI college transcript. 

    • The letter grade will be consistent between both transcripts.
    • Students who complete dual credit classes on campus or online at CWI or at their high school must receive a D or higher in order for the class to count toward a degree, certificate, or prerequisite. Some classes may require a C or higher depending on major requirements. 
    • Although not eligible to count toward degree or certificate requirements, F and X grades on your transcript will be reflected in your GPA.
    • If you are planning to transfer to another college or university, contact them directly to verify how your CWI credits will transfer. 

    Unofficial Transcripts

    Your unofficial transcript may also be viewed in your Self-Service Toolkit on myCWI

    • From your Toolkit, select Academics from the left menu options.

    Screenshot of Self-Service Toolkit

    • From the drop-down, choose Unofficial Transcripts.

    Academic menu in Self-Service

    Official Transcripts


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Executive Director, Dual Credit
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Sr. Coordinator, Dual Credit
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