Waitlisting a Class

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If you would like to waitlist a course, this can be accomplished in Student Planning

Log in to Student Planning

Once logged in, select Go to Plan and Schedule to get started.

Screen shot of My Toolkit for students

Waitlist Information

  • Not all courses offer waitlists.
  • You may add yourself to a waitlist if you have completed all prerequisites. 
  • Students who do not have prerequisites on file and feel they have met prerequisite requirements may contact registrar@cwi.edu.

Waitlist Process

  • Choose a Class

    • Begin by choosing the class you would like to join the waitlist for.

    Notification message and This selection has a waitlist. example

    • A pop up will appear with a red bar showing your chosen course section has a waitlist.
    • Click on Add Section.

    Add Section to be on waitlist page and button

  • Join the Waitlist

    • Once you have selected Add Section, the course section will appear on your calendar in yellow with a red border. 

    Waitlisted Course added to Calendar

    • The column on the left will show the class is Planned.
    • Select Waitlist to be added to the waitlist.

    Planned with a Check mark by it and a waitlisted button

    • The class will remain on your calendar with a red border, but the column on the left will be updated showing the class is now Waitlisted.

  • Removing Yourself from a Waitlist

    • If you no longer wish to be on a waitlist, select Drop Waitlist.
    • Removing yourself from a waitlist is important to give other students who may be on the waitlist a chance to get into the class.

    • Dropping from the waitlist will not remove the course from your calendar or from your planned course list.
    • To remove the course from your calendar, click the small x in the top right corner. 

    Calendar shows waitlisted course with small X in top right of course time section. Click X to remove from calendar

    • A pop up will appear confirming you would like to remove the course from your calendar.
    • Select Remove to proceed.  

    Conformation to remove Course from Calendar

  • Waitlist Notifications

    • When a space opens up in a class you are on the waitlist for, you will be notified through your student email.
    • You will be then be granted access to register for the class and must register within a certain timeframe.
    • Should you fail to register within the timeframe provided, you will be dropped from the class. The seat will then be offered to the next student on the list.
    • You may join the waitlist again, if desired.