Graduation Application Steps

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Upon completion of your degree or certificate requirements, you may apply for graduation in your Self-Service Toolkit

Log in to Self-Service

Select Academics from the left menu, then Graduation Overview.

Screenshot of Graduation Application screen in Self-Service

  • 1. Review Graduation Information

    • At the top of the Graduation Application page, you will see a link to the Graduation page which is a great resource for details on commencement, graduate information, how to get involved, and more. 

    Graduation Application section of Self-Service

  • 2. Begin Your Application

    • To apply for graduation, select Apply under Application Status for each program you wish to graduate from.  

    Graduation application in Student Planning.

    • Use the drop-down menu to choose your anticipated graduation term.

    Drop down menu of semesters on the graduation application.

  • 3. Review Your Mailing Address

    • Under Commencement Details, be sure to review your mailing address as this is where your diploma will be sent.
    • If your correct address is not listed, select Ship to a new address, and complete the required information.

    Commencement details in Student Planning.

  • 4. Submit Your Application

    • Fill out the remaining information in the Commencement Details section, then click Submit to complete your application. 

    Submit the application.

    • If your application is submitted successfully, you will see a Application submitted on and the date your application was submitted. 

    Student Planning with application submitted on date circled.

    • Your application will be reviewed at the start of the term you are hoping to graduate in. You will receive an email when your application has been reviewed.
    • Should you need to update your application for graduation once submitted, select Application Submitted. From here, you may modify your address but not the term, major, or degree.