Viewing Your Progress

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Progress toward completion of your degree or certificate may be viewed in Student Planning.

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View your progress

  • Progress Overview

    On the My Progress screen, you will see the:

    • program you are currently enrolled in
    • number of credits required to complete the program
    • number of credits you have completed to date

    Your progress will include any courses you have taken at CWI and any credits transferred from other institutions. 

    Course information screen

  • Course Status

    Courses required to complete your degree or certificate will be listed below the overview.

    • Courses marked in red indicate the course is not yet started.

    Red Background with Words Not Started for course information

    • Courses marked in yellow accompanied with a clock icon indicate the course has been added to your plan.

    Tan background with the Word Planned

    • Courses marked in yellow accompanied with a checkmark indicate you have registered for the course for the current or an upcoming semester. 

    Tan background with the word Registered

    • Courses marked in green indicate you have completed the requirement.

    Green background with wording of Completed

    • Required Courses

      Under each requirement, the courses available to fulfill the requirement will be listed.

      • Not all of the courses listed are required.
      • The number of courses needed to fulfill the requirement will be indicated. 


      The student below must complete two GEM 5 courses from different disciplines to complete this requirement.

      • Different disciplines means the two required courses must be from two different areas of study (e.g., ARTS or ENGL).

      Course listings with words complete two GEM 5 Courses

      To fulfill this requirement, the student may choose one ARTS course and one ENGL course. 

    • Your Progress Timeline

      A timeline of your past, current, and future planned courses by semester may be viewed in Student Planning

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      • Select Go to Plan & Schedule to get started. 

      Plan & Schedule link

      • Choose Timeline from the menu at the top, and use the arrows to navigate between semesters. 

      Timeline tab

      Add a Term Remove Planned Courses buttons